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Today’s skeleton’s marrow is: surprise!

Every sun-struck leaf is strange and new.

Children and old women are both wise.

There are infinities in cells we might surmise--

Mitochondria fuel life, that much is true.

Today’s skeleton’s marrow is: surprise!

Some unexpected things will emphasize

A life composed of bleak and garish hues.

Children and old women are both wise.

Tomorrow’s kindred spirits’ don disguise

And grant you maps to unearth their milieu.

Today’s skeleton’s marrow is: surprise!

It’ll take a while yet to realize

Every question cuts through brush to avenue.

Children and old women are both wise.

You swim in charcoal seas and azure skies;

One hundred years of lifetime feel too few.

Today’s skeleton’s marrow is: surprise!

Children and old women are both wise.


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Catching Wild Things (the sticker tier!)
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could you

ever catch a 

tiger by the tail with 

a lasso, like your mother when

she crept 

and leapt up, caught the tiger look-

-ing sheepish, tail twixt

her fingers, snagged



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Postcards from where?
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 After four months I was fired because I was supposed to bring the coffee, and I’d mixed up Janet Hilk’s Caramel Frappucino with Dr. Platt’s hazelnut one, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that Janet is allergic to all nuts, so she swole up and stopped breathing. While it could not have been lethal, as Janet has 68 cycles to go, her asphyxiation caused a worrying 503 Error for quite some time on all of her systems pages, which lasted until she was successfully intubated by paramedics. So. She was really upset.

Plus, as she and many people yelled all at once, Janet’s tree-nut allergy is a well known FACT, and was I a MURDERER at heart?

I am not a murderer. I was just bad at my job, which is why it’s not my job anymore.  


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Jonquil Studios is an alt-lit, art, fashion and poetry space, complete with our own 'zine and everything! Let's make stuff; I'm pumped. 
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