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About Ma'at University

Our mission is to create and sustain healthy multimedia narratives supported by education that support us all in building generational health, wealth and love that changes our lineage forever.

We are Parents, Celebrities, Educators, Content Creators and Community Leaders who really care about you, our community and future generations.

Why should you join us?
  • Voice Over Opportunities
  • Acting Opportunities
  • Cash Prizes
  • Private Entertainment & Life Skills Mentoring, Classes and Coaching
  • Opportunities to appear in our ads online and offline
  • Opportunities to be featured on the billboards, posters, bus benches and more in our communities with your family and friends.
  • Creative Collaboration with Professionals

We show repetitive inspiring programming that shows our black and brown children as the geniuses they are, black families together with a strong loving father and mother, we show our communities as progressive, prosperous and as the majority we are in this native land of ours.

We have an online school with lots of free courses that teach an array of relevant subjects that train us in critical areas to help us all thrive. Subject Matter such as finances, meditation, yoga, safety and defense, healthy eating and nutrition, healthy relations, Civics, law and government and more.

We are Self funded and looking to make a tremendous impact in our communities. All of us donate our time to make all of this happen but we’re looking to change this. A few of us are looking to serve this mission on a full-time basis, and that’s where you come in.

Do you want to get down with this mission of ours? Do you want to reprogram the minds and hearts of our people with positive inspiring media, TV and film? Would you like to help us build the transformative educational programs that support all this? We hope so! Because this all needs to be done like yesterday!

Thank you for reading all of this and please take the time to check out our support tiers to see what level of monthly support Is comfortable for you.

If you’d like to make a one time donation to our parent company You Inspire Me Inc., you can do so HERE.

We are grateful for all donations (big or small) including the challenges that lie before us as a community tribe!
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We will fund the production and distribution of a 60 second inspirational national PSA and cast members of our community for the acting. This video will represent the BIPOC community as a happy, peaceful and prosperous people leading towards a bright future. We will be accepting worldwide video submissions.
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