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Hey there #creeps!!

In case you're a first time #creep, let me break down who I am; I am your normal everyday wine drinking, history obsessed lover of the macabre. Ok..... maybe I'm not that normal BUT I am fun and YOU can help make me ever MORE fun!

In 2015 I decided to start a fun little docu-series called "Macabre Mondays." The intent of the show was to debunk that age old question when you happen upon a place that, and you ask yourself,
"What happened here?"

After 3 seasons of making "Macabre Mondays" virtually all on my own, I realized that the show was evolving into something that meant even more to me..."Grave Hunter."

Through the series of many events, travels and conversations I started realizing how dire the preservation of history is here in the US. Our pioneer cemeteries are being disassembled in a very "Poltergeist" way where they are taking the headstones and leaving the bodies, our historic buildings are being left to decompose and then eventually torn down. 

The point is - if we don't start caring about our past, our future is going to be one without roots or context and I don't want to see that happen. So my goal is to travel to towns and dig into their histories, visit their graveyards, learn about their people and then walk in their footsteps visiting the sites of their life in an attempt to *hopefully* get people to start caring out preserving our history. We wouldn't be who we are without our ancestors, so let's do our best to keep their stories alive. 

How does this Patreon situation work?

It's a lot different then other crowd sourcing platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo where you donate once in a large amount. Becoming a Patron #creep means donating on an ongoing basis by signing up on a donation level ($1, $10 etc.) You also can pick a monthly cap for your donation so no matter how much I create, you're still only donating the x amount.

Rewards, Love and Surprises

Every pledge is a kiss to my soul and I will pay each one back with exclusive content from behind the scenes you can only see here, special surprises in the mail and my undying love. 

Don't have money to pledge right now? Totally ok!! Sharing the content is as much of a gift to me as everything! 


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Hi #Creeps and #GraveHunters !!!! As we all know making content is hard and there are many different episodes of "Grave Hunter" I would like to bring you all but that takes money. As a freelance artist, a lot of my money goes to surviving and that means making my show can get pushed sometimes. I am setting a goal that once I reach $250 a month I will release a NEW episode of "Grave Hunter" !!! <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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