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MacBeth Pro
Following a masked and minimalist ethos that draws from the ancient Japanese Noh tradition, I create work under the name MacBeth Pro using acting, digital recording, and electronic music to excavate first-person accounts from the unconscious. My text is generated through processes adapted from André Breton's "écriture automatique" and other literary techniques of the 1920's Surrealist movement.

Still from CHTHONIC ARCHIVE No. 1 at Baert Gallery

The output I am currently producing, titled CHTHONIC ARCHIVE, is an ongoing series of digital recordings. They are exhibited as projected video installations accompanied by live shows featuring Noh acting and electronic music which are in turn recorded as well. The aim is to document and report on my evolving relationship with personal technology and the persona I cultivate online, the intimacy I share with other humans remotely via the internet, and feelings of severance from the natural world.

Your monthly contribution enables me to produce new works in collaboration with skillful artists and technicians, to have the resources to pay for their labor, and to host live events.

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MacBeth Pro is created and produced by Jordan Rountree in Los Angeles, California.
The artist is exhibited by Baert Gallery.

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