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I’m Mac Flynn.  Well, no, not really.  That's a pen name of mine, a sort of alias to prevent disinheritance from my family because of the-ahem, romps I put into my works.

I write fantasy and paranormal romance novels.  A LOT of them (to give you an idea, I pump out twelve novels in a year).  You can’t have too many sexy dragons and werewolves. Ever.

I sell a lot of books to my awesome readers, so I didn’t start this Patreon page as a way to make a ton of extra money. I’m really using it to sell books in a way that lets me keep more of the cover price (92% instead of 35-70%) and cut down my reliance on the retailers.

If you support at the $3 level, you get every novel I publish at the retailers. I will typically upload the ebook a couple of days before publication, and then send the download link to Patreon subscribers.

At the $5 level, you get my novels early and anything else I happen to put out, such as pre-published stand-alone novels, short stories, abandoned works, etc.

At the $10 level you get me!  (Just kidding)  You get everything the lower tiers offer along with the occasional box set (many of my box sets are more than $10, so this is a steal).

If you prefer to keep buying my books from the retailers, that’s still great! If you want, you can kick in $1 for support and get access to the behind-the-paywall posts I share here. This extra money will go toward my editing and cover design costs for the extra goodies I post here.

How are the ebooks delivered and in what format?

I use Bookfunnel for ebook delivery. They're good about providing tech support for devices that I know nothing about, so if you have any trouble getting the ebook from Bookfunnel to your e-reader, just click the help link at the top of the page, and they'll answer your questions.

I'll share the link to the Bookfunnel page, and you hop on over to download it in your chosen format (.mobi for Kindle owners and .epub for all other e-readers).  The download will be available until I publish my next book (so usually 4-8 weeks).

What's your publishing schedule?

I always intend for my publishing schedule to be rock-solid, but it ends up liquifying into jello due to shiny new ideas that I must chase. There's also those WTF moments where all hell breaks loose and I can't keep up with my writing (I'm looking at you, sudden contagious cold).

If you want a look at my tentative schedule, I've got it up at my website here.

What if I only want your fantasy or only your paranormal titles? Or only books from a particular series?

You have a few options:
  1. Watch the schedule and see what's coming up and wait until a series you're interested in starts up (I'll make announcements to my newsletter subscribers now and then to remind you of the Patreon option). You can subscribe and unsubscribe to my Patreon campaign whenever you want or upgrade and downgrade the level at which you subscribe, depending on what's coming up.
  2. Skip Patreon and buy the books at the retailers so you make sure you don't get stuck with ones you don't want (you can always support at the $1 level if you want to help out and be kept in the loop without receiving the books this way).
  3. Give away the books you're not interested to paranormal or fantasy loving friends.

How often do you publish?


I wrote 12 novels last year which is my usual output. You often won't be charged more than once a month, but every now and again I'll skip a month and then put out two books from different series, meaning you'll get a double-charge that month.

Can I loan your ebooks to friends and family?

Yep! You can share them with friends and family. All of my ebooks are DRM-free.

Why did you start a Patreon campaign?

I'd been pondering making the jump for a few years, but never gathered enough courage until recently. Offering little treats in my newsletter every now and again made me realize I could have a better incentive through Patreon where everyone would win. Readers could still receive my ebooks for the same price while I'd get to keep a bigger slice of the pie (92% of the price when you buy through Patreon versus 35-70% at retailers). I figured this was a win-win for both of us: I make more per book and you get the books early and with a couple of extra treats.

Thanks for reading!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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