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  • all our monthly micro-settings
  • regular updates about our work
  • the chance to shape future projects
  • our undying gratitude, and the choice to be thanked by name on our website 
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At this tier, you'll get: 


  • all our monthly micro-settings
  • regular updates about our work
  • the chance to shape future projects
  • our undying gratitude, and the choice to be thanked by name on our website 
  • as well as our monthly goodybags full of downloadable story elements to use in all your favourite games. 
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You get everything available from the previous tiers, and we'll also personally run a monthly game for you and up to four friends (in person throughout London, UK, or online further afield). We'll work with you to create the best possible game for you and your group and assign either Jonny or Sasha as your regular GM based on the best fit.




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About MacGuffin & Co.


Who are we?
We're Jonny and Sasha. We tell stories, we make games and there's nothing we love more than combining the two. Between us, we've been playing and running role-playing and board games for more than 30 years and designing them for about half that. 

Jonny loves horror, tropes and procedural games and has a passion for monster design. He's particularly fond of any game that lets him put on a silly voice.

Sasha's  a sucker for compelling characters, playing with genre and strong narrative structure. She especially loves investigative and collaborative games. 

What do we offer?
Every month, we create a brand new micro-setting that you can use with your favourite RPG system. Each setting contains a sketched-out world including characters, locations, threats and secrets. You'll get a 3-4 adventure campaign, letting you and your players experience the world through a satisfying narrative, as well as plenty of seeds and ideas to create stories of your own. Every micro-setting comes in both a standard and an accessible PDF format.

*The first two micro-settings we release, Ghost Ship and Twisted Rails, will also be released for free at a later date, at least a month after they are released to patrons.*

High-tier patrons also receive a "goodybag" each month, with at least 3 downloadable story elements, including monsters, NPCs, locations, mysteries, adventures and a fun random table to use with that month's micro-setting.

All patrons will receive updates about our work, insight into our creative process and the chance to feedback about what they'd like to see more of in the future.

Is it for me?
If you've read this far, then probably yes! That said, little to none of our patreon content comes with the system or specific rules and stats attached so, while they can be used in any system you choose, they might require some preparation to play smoothly.

All of our micro-settings involve some hidden information so, in order to play them, you'll need to either run the game yourself or have a willing GM on board. If, however, you're the type of person who likes to read setting books for fun and/or inspiration, this is definitely for you!

If you're still not convinced, why not head to our website at, where you can check out some of our free games first?

Why Patreon?
A lot of work goes into creating our games and we want to keep making them well and sustainably. 

We're more interested in exploring new ideas and creating quality stand-alone content than in trying to extend and monetise a single setting or system. Patreon and your support mean we can keep doing so, and allow us to build a community of like-minded folk.
$685 – reached! per Micro-setting
We're currently running MacGuffin & Co. (along with a few other creative projects) in our weekends, evenings and annual leave and, frankly, we're exhausted. With this much support, we can look into reducing the number of hours we work in our day-jobs and devote more of our time and minds to creating brilliants worlds and stories for you and your friends - as well as taking an occasional nap! 

If we reach this level, we'll increase the amount of items in our goodybags and make a thank you video for all our patrons.
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