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  • You'll have access to audio dramas, short fiction, micro games, and other weird experiments as we release them.
  • You get access to our monthly #iHunt micro-supplements. Also, we'll ask for input about what to do in the future.
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Ones and Zeroes

per month
  • You'll get access to exclusive digital "director's cut" versions of our products, where we've added process notes, cut content, commentary, or other content.
  • Ability to request new tutorials and micro game content, as well as upcoming #iHunt micro-supplements.
  • Plus all previous benefits.

Writing School

Limited (16 of 20 remaining)

per month
  • This is for writers. You'll have access to a private Discord channel where we'll answer your questions about writing and self-publishing. We'll provide constructive, actionable commentary. Note that this isn't editing; this is foundational commentary. 
  • We'll provide our outlines and drafts of our novels and short stories, so you can see our processes. 
  • When we blog or livestream about writing, we'll source from this tier what topics we'll talk about. 
  • This tier is limited so we can give priority attention to your questions and your work.
  • Plus all previous rewards
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About Machine Age Productions

Filamena Young and Olivia Hill are Machine Age Productions.

We write novels. We make games. We do other, weirder stuff. We want your help to do more stuff, and other, even weirder stuff. We want to help YOU make other, weirder stuff. 

Who We Are

We're award-winning game designers, writers, editors, and graphic designers. Between the both of us, we have more than ten novels in publication, and millions of words across numerous games. You might know our work from White Wolf's games like Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Changeling: The Lost. You might know us from other games like Shadowrun, Dragon Age, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Smallville, Leverage, or a ton of other places. 

What We're Doing Here

We're branching out and building up. We just released our biggest, most ambitious game to date, called #iHunt, named after our biggest novel series. We want to make #iHunt the biggest, best thing we can, and to do that, we need to make it more than just a book. We want to make it a world. A community. Patreon will allow us to make material that stretches outside the areas of expected game content, and things we know will sell books. We want to do short stories, experimental game supplements, radio shows, and all sorts of weird stuff. We want to collaborate with new and interesting people. That's where you come in. 
We're also looking to make fiction that takes risks. We want to make short fiction that we know we can't sell through traditional channels. We want to play with formats. 
Also, we're both experienced teachers. We like teaching about writing, about game design, and about other topics. We get a ton of requests for help on games and fiction. While we'd like to help everyone who asks us, we simply do not have the time. We've had people ask us how they can secure advice and commentary on their fiction and their games, so this Patreon gives us that unique opportunity. Additionally, we'll be able to blog and live stream more about game design and writing. 


We want to make: 
* Monthly #iHunt "zine" supplements
* Weird micro games
* Experimental and expanded fiction
* Radio shows
* Writing and live streaming on game design 


If you help us, you'll have access to all sorts of content. Depending on the level you choose, you'll get additional material. Check out the various reward tiers to see what we can offer you for your help. 


Q: Will you edit my game or novel with the Writer/Game Design School tier?

A: Not really? The kind of commentary we're shooting for is structural guidance, ideally on shorter bits. As a rule of thumb, this shouldn't be more than about two hours' work per month. However, if you're in the middle of a long process and hand us a chapter a month, you're much more likely to get comprehensive assistance. As a basis of comparison, I read about 10,000 words per hour when I'm reading for advice. I can read slower, and I can read faster, but that's depending on how thorough I am going to be.
If, for example, you just hand us a 50,000 word novel, you're not likely to get many specifics, but you'll get a few things we really think you need to work on. That's pushing what we can realistically read and comment on in a month. On the other hand, if you give us a 5,000 word chapter per month, I'm liable to give many more specific comments, and comments that pertain to those sections instead of broader commentary. 
This is about advice, not editing. Generally for editing, I charge about 2 to 5 cents per word, depending on the specific requirements of the project. If you need actual, comprehensive editing work, reach out to us and we'll talk about it on a project-for-project basis.
$609.14 of $800 per month
This puts our experiments on the level of a true part-time job. Every year, we'll be able to launch a major game release and at least one novel each, along with micro games and novellas periodically. Our #iHunt zine supplements will "graduate" into full 25+ page books every month. 
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