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About Ken Ray

Because he wants Mac OS Ken to be around and around and around!

Since 2006, Mac OS Ken has been hitting your head Monday through Friday with the biggest, most interesting, most important, and most amusing Apple news and news related to Apple news. Before there was an iPhone, there was Mac OS Ken. Before there was an iPad, there was Mac OS Ken. Apple Watch? Mac OS Ken preceded it by over nine years. Yet listeners to Mac OS Ken saw all of that coming... heard rumblings about Apple's entry into each category every weekday for weeks and months before their respective arrivals. From quarterly earnings to annual conferences and media events, Mac OS Ken has been a go-to destination to know more.

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I know... that sounds like more of a reward for me than for you. And it may well be. Right now though, I am on a roughly two-year cycle for iPhones and I only buy a new iPad when someone gives me money to do so. To better understand Apple's latest devices and to be able to talk to you about them in a more meaningful way, I'd like to be able to purchase them without worry. This goal would allow that to happen.
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