Jēve & Stēve

is creating A graphic novel about the Homunculi, the gods of Time
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The first fifty Patrons to pledge $20/image for a year will receive a one-time complimentary Commission of a digital image! Get yourself a new computer screen background! Or a pin-up for your wall! Take your pick (keep it family friendly, y'all).

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In addition to the above, I'll be offering exclusive behind the scenes materials, and a chance to participate in the creative process! I'll be occasionally offering my $20/mo and above patrons an opportunity to participate in polls, and make choices regarding the development of the story! Talk about being an influencer! 

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In addition to all of the above benefits, the first ten Patrons to pledge $50/month for a year will receive an original, handbrushed painting by yours truly!!




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About Jēve & Stēve

Welcome to my Patreon page! A warm shout out to all my fans and patrons who have encouraged me in my creative endeavors, as well as to any newcomers who are just now finding out about my current project! Thank you all for taking the time to check out my work! 

I created this page to give fans and patrons early access to Jēve&Stēve comic pages, large format files, process videos, inside scoops on developments in the series, and hardcopies of the highly coveted issue #0/13, also known as MacroGenesis!

The Incredible, Probably Fictional Misadventures of Jēve & Stēve
follows the First Day of Spring and the First [K]night of Fall when they encounter Don Quixote and Sancho Panza while wandering in the desert mind of Salvador Dali. All Patrons receive access to the full series as each page is released. And for our even more avid fans, I'll be providing a lot of extras!

Jēve & Stēve brings to life in an epic tale of heroism, villainy, myth and adventure, through more than two decades of research into the history of the earliest extant Indo-European myths and their paleo-horological cultures. The outline covers 36 issues for the full saga, divided into 6 cantos. Each canto will form one volume for the graphic novel. It's an epic story, full of highly implausible misadventures, replete with many of the ancient, secret codes that relay the history and future of the concept of Time through the eyes of the personified Time-gods, the Homunculi!

The MacroGenesis serves as a multipart series detailing in mythic register the hoary origins of Jēve & Stēve, along with their 718 brothers and sisters, describing the first rite of the marriage of Father Time and Mother Nature! 

We have lots of special, exclusive, never-before seen, insider gifts just for patrons, so if you want to see more, and receive special gifts, updates, and the rest, just patreonize me! There's lots more in the works, and your support makes all of this possible! Once I reach $2000/month, this will shift into high gear, so patreonize now to see more!
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The aim of this benchmark is simple: to print a fullsized comic for all of you who are true collectors and loyal fans!
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