Mac Smith is creating Scurry, a webcomic

1 buck

$1 /mo
Thanks for supporting my caffeine habit. If I see you in person one day I'll buy you one in return.

2 bucks

$2 /mo
For a dollar more, you get layered PSD files, hi-res pics, step-by-step progress GIFs and the occasional note or sketch I dig up. I'll also make available new brush sets from time to time.

5 bucks

$5 /mo
All of the above, plus all completed episodes and books in digital PDF format, plus the occasional video timelapse! Lastly, your name goes in the credits list when the books are printed.

10 bucks

$10 /mo
All the other stuff, plus the occasional art print, poster, or product when they become available. (US only. shipping is too high elsewhere)