Madam Kistulot is creating Erotic Mind Control Fiction

Early Bird Tier

$1 /mo
At this tier, every update you're guaranteed to be a week ahead of Simon over at MCstories. Basically, you'll be getting a story before anyone else does, in a variety of formats! 



Patreon Exclusive Story Tier

$2 /mo
Back when I first had a Patreon campaign every month there would be a story that Patreon got a full month before anyone else. I intend to keep that true again as well. So, if you toss $2 or more at...

Flash Fiction Tier

$5 /mo
At this tier, you get the early updates as per above... and a small piece of flash fiction written just for you! It'll be based on a word you give, so you can feel free to try giving me something s...

Commission Tier

$100 /mo
At this tier, you get the flash fiction, and the stories before everyone else... and you'll get to commission one piece of fiction from me. It can range from 5,000 to 10,000 words--based on what th...