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  • Personalized digital thank you.
  • Red Door shop 10% digital discount on webshop.
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  • Sneak peeks and work-in-progress updates.
  • Everything from previous tier level.



About Madam Neverstop

Dear all,

You might have randomly stumbled upon this page, or you might know exactly why you are here. Why we both are here.

My name is Elizabeth Torres. I go by the monicker Madam Neverstop.

I am a Colombian/American multimedia artist, writer, translator and speaker, who works with poetry in all media, from visuals to audio and written language. 

I am the director of Red Door Magazine since 2009, the host of The Red Transmissions Podcast, and a collaborator in various cultural projects in Europe, Latin America and the US. I have had the fortune of traveling the world through these artistic endeavors and publishing over 20 books of poetry, performing in a few bands and also giving keynote speeches and workshops in universities, cultural and corporate events. 

After a life in the US I now live in Copenhagen, where I’ve hosted many cultural happenings and exhibitions, and have had Red Door gallery for several years. My life’s passion is worldthreading: connecting our communities through the arts. But if you knew all of this from an outsider perspective, now I want us to get better acquainted:
I believe it’s time to remove the internet noise between you and me.

One of the mantras I have been chanting ever since the beginning of the neverstop project back in New York is “The process is the product, and the product is the process.” The whole idea of creating a Patreon account is to invite you to join me on a more in-depth experience, where not only do you see the finished products of my work, trace the paths my brain follows when building new empires, get fresh-out-of-the-oven material, and also get backstage access to the real product, which is the process.

This will enable me to continue making the projects and products you’ve already grown used to seeing me create, (from podcasts to illustrations and object art, poetry books, to magazines and events) while giving you a more intimate view of my creative process, networking strategies, and project development.

I need not explain to you that the actual socio-cultural environment is a harsh one, because this encompasses every aspect of our reality. I would rather focus on the benefits we have to build our connection digitally, to pay close attention to the world that matters, and to zoom in to the information all around us to create material that will document these times with full energy and heart. Patreon seems to offer this possibility, in a sustainable, affordable platform that will allow us to build a genuine connection.

In very direct terms, your support will allow me to cover the rent of a new Red Door location here in Copenhagen, where book releases, poetry readings, film screenings and lots of art will take place. It will also provide for art materials and cover the expenses of shipping and production of certain exclusive products. Most importantly, it will allow me to dedicate more time to these cultural projects, define my audience and build a concentrated network of those of you who want to walk this path with me.

Thank you for your support.
Love and poetry,

Madam Neverstop.

P.S: If you want to learn more about me, visit my website:
Read the latest issue of Red Door Magazine:
Listen to the latest episodes of Red Transmissions:
Listen to The Poetic Phonotheque and send your own recording:

(stick around. I have so much to share with you!)
83% complete
My album "Transgressions for the Public Service" will be released on Bandcamp on June 9, 2020.
The first 50 people to become my patrons will receive a free download code of this album.

This goal of 200 USD will cover the hosting and maintenance of the websites and domains connected to Red Door Magazine, Red Transmissions Podcast and Madam Neverstop, as well as the software membership for designing the magazine, and for hosting it as a flippable magazine on the web.

Thanks for your support!

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