mad cass

is creating photos, poetry, books, drawings, tattoos

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mad(eline) cass (b. 1993) is a native of Nebraska, and is currently vagabonding throughout the midwestern and western United States. She earned a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in photography from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 2017. She primarily works within photography, poetry, artist books, drawing, tattooing, video & installation.

Growing up in a major monoculture state, her worldview has formed by seeking overlooked wildness that exists around us and how people can connect to these spaces. Her work examines the multitude of relationships between art, science, nature, and humanity. Acting as a translator for nature, her practice is formed by sauntering and examining the landscape intimately, fostering dialogue and empathy. Through interacting with her local habitat in unexpected ways and inviting others to join, she offers alternative pathways into environmental consciousness and ecological thinking.

Within these explorations, Cass is particularly focused on the role of fungi in ecosystems. Fungi are the most understudied biological kingdom, despite the fact that they exist as one of the largest living organisms in the world. Fungi act as interconnected webs of information, powerful remediators and recyclers, oscillating between growth and decay. Thinking like a fungi, Cass’ work aims to undo anthropocentrism; to mycelially bridge gaps between visibility and invisibility. With the coming of the Anthropocene and the current state of capitalist destruction, she believes her artistic practice can generate optimism and curiosity. Through a lens of queer ecosexuality Cass sees nature as a sentient being, as a lover and source of companionship and generosity. With multispecies connections, we can find pathways which diverge from a human-centric mindset; this is the prerequisite for personal, ecological, and cultural renewal, and ultimately for continuing life on earth.
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