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I mean it from the bottom of my heart, that I'm thankful for whoever wants to support my work. ❤︎

Every dollar goes into designing, planning, gathering the materials and bringing it to life! So if you'd like to support my future works, this tier is definitely for you!

There are even benefits for this tier!

Such as sneak peaks on my newest photos and the progress of the drag room and more!

Welcome to the fam!
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For $5 a month you'll have access to a discord chat for patrons only! 

Ontop of that, you'll get a digital sketch of choice, and you can now decide the theme of my next look or performance. ❤︎

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For $20 a month you'll gain access to exclusive designs, sketches and bloopers (Video and picture wise).

Ontop of that, you'll get the benefits from all the other tiers, like the sketch of choice and the Patron Discord chat! ❤︎✰




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About Madeline Cosette

Bitch, who are you?
My name is Madeline Cosette. I'm a danish baby queen from outside CPH, trying to build up a career, friendships and great memories along the path. 

Okay... So, what do you do? 
As you read at the top; I do Drag, make costumes, draw, paint and soon enough will attempt on creating video content.

Video content?
Yeah! I'm currently on my own journey to find my true potential and style in drag, and would love to help others starting out or simply entertain whoever reaches my channel :) 

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