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Howdoyouputupwithasillybean?? . v .

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About Hattey

Hi! My name's Murielle, Elle or Hattey for short.

And I literally have no idea what I'm doing despite everything I've learned for the past years. But I will say this, art is an ongoing battle of self-worth. I struggle everyday whether my art is good enough for anyone no matter the many compliments I get, so I love to be mentally challenged in every moment(even though my brain may turn to scramble eggs)

As much of a mess art has made me, it has made my world colorful in so many ways, that I might as well not call myself an artist but more of a storyteller; cause ever since I learned to draw, my main objective is to share my stories to the world, inspire them with everything I've learned to rebel through life, especially not having a job or going to college.

So, as I continue on my journey, I hope for someone to support me and maybe to connect with and build a wonderful community, then giving all my love in return by showing some of my progress, and maybe request some doodlies if you wish to. 

I would also love to end this intro by thanking for the many people in my life that have supported me especially through my darkest times when I'm on the verge of giving up absolutely EVERYTHING. and thank you to all the people that called me crazy for on the different path I'm crossing; yeah sure it's a mess, but I love it, and would never trade it for anything else.

Take care, and stay wonderfully weird!!
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I hope to reach this goal to get myself better equipment and to keep feeding myself and the family!! This includes:

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  • A laptop and iPad!
  • TRAVEL!!
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