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Hi everyone! I'm Mad Lust Envy. Some or even most of you visiting this page may know me as the guy who decided to turn a personal checklist of headphones and their worth for gaming into a full blown headphone guide on Head-fi, known as Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide, which to my surprise has garnered a considerable number of followers over the years. The purpose of the guide has become to give everyone the pros and cons of every headphone or headset reviewed, and whether they're suitable for your specific gaming needs.

I created this Patreon for a variety of reasons, starting with the small, and working up to the bigger reasons.

This is a place where people who would like to directly support me, possibly as thanks for helping them find products they enjoy over the years through my guide can finally do so. I have been doing reviews since 2010 (first on avsforum's Xbox 360 section), and then on Head-fi (which I'm sure most of you know by now). In over 8 years, I have done my guide and reviews entirely as a hobby, no profit, and entirely out of pocket, save for a few generous temporary headphone loans, and a few paid reviews on Without Patreon, as long as companies continue sending me products to review, I'll continue to do so. With your support, however, It'll give me even more of an incentive to continue doing what I've been doing on a more consistent basis, and with more frequency.

With support, part of the funds is to purchase gear directly for review/giveaways/equipment for growth. I also take great pride in my reviewing integrity. I would never let a company influence my reviews (anything I dislike I turn down and refuse to review for their sake and for the sake of a working relationship), and I would prefer reviewing things you guys would actually enjoy.

I'd like to use the Patreon as a way to possibly grow and build upon the brand, the guide in multiple ways, like adding other specific internal guides, video reviews (equipment will go a long way into making video reviews a regular occurrence), streams, and direct support from me to you (via recommendations, general help, etc).

Perhaps even build a personal website. A site where I can directly focus on everything related to the guide, the reviews, the videos, and much more, like potential giveaways, etc. A place where all things Mad Lust Envy are gathered, and focused. This is a possible future endeavor. First, I'd like to focus on the immediate improvements, like videos.

You guys have made these 8+ years worth going through, and I'd like to thank all my supporters I have by doing MORE to turn Mad Lust Envy into a bigger name in the audio reviewing community.

The end goal that I will strive for is to be able to do this for a living full time, and not just as a hobby hampered by other life constraints. Whether that dream comes true or not, I thank you all for your time, your understanding, your support, and your continued interest. No matter how little or how much, all your support means the world to me.

Please be sure to follow more news and updates on social media:

And hopefully sooner than later, more activity on my:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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