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About madmate games

Welcome to the Patreon page dedicated to development of video games by yours truly. Currently working on an adult visual novel The Bite: Revenant.

The Bite: Revenant

Thrust into the darkness of vampire underworld, our protagonist needs to adapt fast to the decadent and depraved ways of the vampiric aristocracy. With some luck and a bit of help from a mysterious stranger he manages to survive the initial encounters with powerful individuals, but to truly prosper he needs to quickly familiarize himself with this world's ever-present scheming and high stake political games...

At first ignored or used as a pawn, he realizes quickly that to prosper in this world he needs to chose his actions and allegiances carefully. How will he use his new found powers in this world of debauchery and intrigue? How will he decide who to trust, who to obey, who to conquer, and who to betray?

Expect a public release soon.

Robbin' Hoods

He is a late twenties working class hero. She is his childhood friend and roommate.
Their lives changed forever that fateful night when he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Now they are forced to navigate the crime underworld filled with danger and depravity. How will they adapt to this strange and treacherous situation they suddenly found themselves in?

$351.40 of $500 per month
It's time for hookers and blow! I mean expanding production. At the moment I don't even have enough capabilities to leave renders up 24/7, but after hitting this threshold, I should seriously start considering creating dedicated space for my setup and maybe even adding another machine.
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