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About MadWhiteSnake

Hi all!

I'm MadWhiteSnake.  I write Pith, an epic fantasy web novel about body-swapping, transhumanism, and wizard battles, with some notes from psychological horror and cyberpunk.  It's been going on for over a year, and as of right now, it updates every Monday, with a chapter around 3-10K words.  It's also cross-posted to Royal Road.

The story's available for free on the Internet, but if you want to read one chapter ahead of the public, you can subscribe here!  If you're feeling really generous, you can pledge more and get a permanent spot on the acknowledgments page at the end of each Volume.  There will be discord rewards as well.

Pith is a huge project - I'm planning for around 5-6 volumes, of around 13 episodes each, and 3-8 chapters per episode.  Outlining, writing, and editing chapters is very time-demanding, but it's not my full-time gig right now.  I'm pursuing other career goals, and if I get a job with long hours, I'll have to slow down my update schedule.  If I make enough money here, I can commit more time, and keep posting once a week.

Thanks for your support!

PS: Patrons get charged up front and at the first of each month, so it's best to avoid pledging near the end of a month.
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