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Hi! My name is Gustav Gonzalez and I'm the CEO of MaeFloresta and the developer of the TupiTube platform, a set of free applications designed for children and teenagers to create and share 2D animations in an easy and fun way.

As our users base grows, the demand for new features and more frequent releases is growing too, so we have decided to publish this Patreon page as a direct channel between our project and the users community interested in to help us to take TupiTube to the next level.

Currently, the TupiTube project is impacting the lives of thousands of children and teenagers around the world. Help us to keep delivering new versions of our free software.

Finally, we want to thank to all the people who support us and believe in our work. Without your help TupiTube shouldn't be possible. Thank you so much!

$12.22 of $500 per month
Code Signing Certificate for Windows installer. This software component is highly required by the TupiTube installer for Windows operating systems. The release of the version 0.2.14 is coming soon, but without this component, it won't be available for Windows users. As soon as we reach $500, we'll retake the release of installers for Microsoft platforms.
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