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If you are self-guided and starting out your personal brand journey this is the perfect package for you! You will have access to:

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The Member access is a complete bundle for the one's ready to launch and take advantage of all the resources I have to offer!

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The elite membership allows you to gain all of the Member's perks with:
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Welcome to Maegan's Digital Community for A Million Little Clicks (MLC) Brand Development Journey with eBooks, workbooks, and services to help you create, manage, and launch a personal brand!

This is my private Patreon community where I’ll teach you how to build a personal brand that gets you noticed. 

On this page, I’ll be sharing personal stories and playbooks across content creation, branding, telling your story, hosting events, and any other marketing tactic plus more that you can think of.

I’m passionate about building brands and taking offerings to market. Long ago, I realized that sharing what I’m doing lights my fire — which is the key driver for this page. I decided to launch this Patreon page because I didn’t want to create another podcast, course, or Facebook Group for just anyone.

This page isn’t for everyone – it’s for the go getters, doers, and hustlers who want to truly succeed. It’s for YOU. The one who actually does (and enjoys doing) all the work — no matter how hard it is – not just saying you’re a boss on social media after parroting the latest business information you heard on the latest industry podcast.

I really hope you’ll join me here, even if it's just for a month to check out the content that's included behind these Patreon walls.

I would love to connect with you! Feel free to contact me through my website or on social media!

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