Melancholy and Company are creating Music

keep it candid

$1 /creation
this perk is like purchasing a song but backwards if you think about it. instead of waiting for it to be released, searching for it and then buying it. you get live updates and one day you just wak...

keep it on the dL

$5 /creation
songs as we release them of course and sneaky peaky behind the scenes action via patreon only feed, PLUS access to my private daily-ish video diary which will probably be me just thanking you endle...

keep it classic

$10 /creation
get all of the above in addition to some extra surprises. i.e. physical love notes with my doodles which I'm told are fun, and special thank you messages. wowzers like woah, thank you so much.

keep it generous

$25 /creation
all of the aforementioned plus merch i.e. physical copies, poster art and/or t-shirts as made available and any previous releases if you do not already have them, videos of me doing a happy dance, ...