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I spend many hours each week coordinating across community organizers in different places. Your support helps cover my time so I don't have to double up my workload by doing less relevant contract work.

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About Magenta Ceiba

Hi! My name is Magenta Ceiba. I'm an artist, musician and healer who has dedicated my life to helping humanity find a balanced, equitable way of living on this planet. I use my skills to illustrate inspiring futures and document current realities. I also work at the edge of finance innovation. I develop cooperative infrastructure to fund grassroots organizing and to help people transition from working jobs that do harm to themselves and the planet, to ways of working together that are healthier and more intimately connected with place.

I work as the executive director of  Bloom Network , an international social network and incubator for regenerative culture. "Regenerative" generally means when you're living in a way that fertilizes the grounds for more life. It involves closing the loop on our production cycles so we don't create waste or damage ecosystems. It involves creating equitable social and economic systems that are healthy for people and planet. Examples of regenerative culture include:
    >> worker-owned cooperatives
    >> community forestry (where instead of clear-cutting forest to graze cattle, people replenish forest habitats and earn money from crops that sustainably grow there)
    >> restorative justice (instead of putting people in jail, the criminal and affected parties go through a mediation process to decide what reparations need to be made)

You get the idea. My first and second goals with this Patreon are to create media pieces about regenerative solutions I've come across, featuring people and projects so more people can learn about the inspiring actions that are happening right now that they can participate in to make their lives and communities healthier.

I am also raising $500,000 for Bloom Network to hire staff, to help network existing projects together so they can share resources and partner with each other. If you are in a position to contribute to that as a funder or grantwriter, please contact me at [email protected]

Here is some background on why I'm focusing my energies on Bloom. There are tens of thousands of groups around the world enacting regenerative culture solutions through direct action. They tend to operate in subcultures that are nearly impossible to find, with rarefied vocabularies and political viewpoints. In one sense, it is the hyperfragmentation of the left. These groups organize in ways that are decentralized and collective. This means that they are universally disenfranchized from the financial system, which requires centralized structures to report to philanthropists, or to pay for advertising on the internet.

In aggregate, this is a huge ecosystem that has more solidarity than most people realize. So I, and my team at Bloom Network, are trying to connect these groups better so we can demonstrate wise use of power and start to allocate resources to these communities that are doing the most high leverage climate and social work on the planet. To avoid some of teh most devastating consequences of extreme inequality and ecosystem degradation, this needs to happen by 2023 at the latest. There are literally millions, if not billions of people worldwide working on these sorts of initiatives, and we're setting up Bloom Network to help them be more findable and well-resourced.

Bloom Network is a hybrid IRL and online social network that is designed to help people create decentralized, collaborative value chains and support each other in healing our relationships with each other and the natural world. I designed its business model and to some extent its technological backend. As soon as money lands, we will finish implementing our new website to activate the digital cooperative and an easier media interface for members and organizers to share resources and information about what's working well, so we can all more quickly adapt. From there, we will launch the "Call to Bloom" to invite more communities to start a local Bloom, which serves as a regional coalition.

Once Bloom's digital cooperative is set up I will focus more on creating media, as well as continue to consult local Blooms on setting up their own cooperative structures to fund the work of community organizing.

I have a community of incredible people who follow my work and believe in me as a creative leader. I want to give folks an opportunity to contribute directly to my work here. If you would like to learn more about Bloom Network or become a member of the global collective there, visit our website at

You can read more about other creative and collective groups I work with on my website,

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you will support me financially on an ongoing basis so I can continue allocating bandwidth to making this happen. At the moment, I am working 60 hour weeks keeping Bloom operational and making enough money on the side to pay rent. This is common for many community organizers and I believe shifting out of that dynamic is the highest leverage move humanity can make right now to avoid about three impending x-risks.
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I will record and edit one episode per month of a Bloom Network podcast featuring leaders in regenerative culture from around the world. You can listen here: and add the RSS feed to your podcast app:

Leaders I'd like to interview include Sobey Wing, the cultural relations person for Bloom Network, from Vancouver British Columbia - he is a DJ who assists youth with rites of passage rituals, and leads Bloom's forum on indigenous solidarity; Rucha Chitnis, a photojournalist originally from Bombay, India who has a lucid perspective on how women lead regenerative solutions in communities all over the world; Francesco Renzi, the CEO of Superfluid, a continuous finance protocol that has the potential to create a collective form of Patreon in a peer-to-peer way.

You get the idea :)
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