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is creating videos & mini-docs about underreported human experiences

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THANK YOU so much for your contribution! A big and heartfelt morning coffee-cheer from me (currently in Cambodia) to YOU as I kickstart my day - researching, writing, editing or shooting elements of a story out in the field somewhere! Know that you've just amplified my morning ritual - a million times, by me knowing that you care!  THANK YOU!!!

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What a great show of support and energy booster! THANK YOU so very much!!! Your contribution just raised my nutritional intake as I set off to reach the communities and people whose stories I document and share. AND - your generosity will be shared (I like to bring Khmer treats to the families and people I visit) again, a huge and profound THANK YOU!!!

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Wow...THANK YOU!!! Although my work is the result of a personal drive to help others, it unfortunately doesn't pay...well, for anything! Your $20/month contribution is about to go a long way - THANK YOU so much for helping to free me of the financial stress and life expenses that often cripple me psychologically. I THANK YOU so very much for offsetting some of my living costs and fieldwork're truly helping the production of stories move forward! THANK YOU so VERY MUCH!!!!!


WELCOME and THANK YOU so much for being here!

(((PLEASE VISIT for a full description of my work.)))  

As we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year for most people around the globe…

Currently based in Cambodia, I am witnessing the present-day hardship and social, economic and emotional devastation caused by this global COVID-19 scenario in a developing country and society that has endured an already brutally complicated, tragic and horrific history.

I find myself here today, because after more than three years of living alongside some of the most modest, kindest and resilient people I have ever known, I've chosen to remain - to do whatever I can to help as an observer, witness and one-woman-crew video journalist, documentarian and storyteller.

To me, this year also marks 11 years since I left home and the newsroom seeking to document the stories of Indigenous Peoples and communities that the media didn't care about - many who heeded significant, but often ignored, warnings, observations and messages about the state of humanity and our planet.

While my journey hasn't been easy, I remain committed to continuing my work, to documenting and sharing the voices that I believe have the power to inform and inspire a more profound awareness and understanding of our global community, and our planet.

The PRESENT-DAY Chapter:

While we always strive to move forward as journalists, I had - and still have - very big plans for all that I’ve gathered and had the privilege of learning and documenting since my solo departure, mission and fieldwork that I commenced in 2009…but this, is a perhaps a necessary pause - one that allows me to reflect and to reassess how to move forward as a messenger for the people and communities that deserve to be part of our global dialogue!

I am asking for your HELP to continue my one-woman-crew mission and efforts to document and share the stories of the people who can inspire us - globally! It is therefore with my utmost and profound gratitude, that I sincerely and profoundly THANK YOU for your consideration of becoming a Patron of my simple but honest and independent work as I strive to help others. - MP

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