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greetings to my fellow earthling brothers and sisters!

basically, i've been on the move since april 2017 and decided that it is high time for me to explore my creative sides. there is no other time but now.

so i've been learning how to play the handpan and drums. i've been sketching and painting. i've been shooting videos of my adventures. i've been writing my own script for a short film that i would like to shoot.

back in november 2017, i decided to self-publish the various stream of consciousness poetry i've been writing over the last few years into a beautiful booklet - they've helped me process my highs and lows, my subconscious desires and emotions that i experience on a daily basis but unable to express otherwise.

i sincerely hope that you'll find some value inside these little crumbs, whether they are little poems or shorts - you are your own guide in this world, you decide on your own pebbles and stones, and hopefully, you feel inspired every single day and would like to give back.

with love,
$0 of $200 per creation
when i reach 200 bucks, i'll be able to produce a 15-min short film that i'm currently writing.

the story is about (without revealing too much) the estranged relationship between a teenage daughter and her father in light of the recent death of her mother and his wife and how the consequent grief plays itself out in the form of rebellion and control.

it will be my first featured short that i'm writing and directing myself, so i am eternally grateful for all the support i'm getting through this channel.
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