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My name is Maggie Taylor.

I'm a 30 year old autistic lesbian who makes art, writes and sometimes does laundry (not necessarily in that order). My work is philosophical, nihilistic, introspective and lots of other big college level buzzwords that ultimately are here to make me sound smart. People trust you more when you sound smart. I read that somewhere. I write novels, short fiction, comics and make art. I really just love to tell stories and share content with people, and that's my overall goal, but I also would like to avoid ever having to leave the house and find real work. I mean, honestly, me going outside wouldn't be good for anyone involved.

If you sign up for ANY TIER, yes, even the 1 dollar a month, you get podcasts, comics and fiction a whole week early, plus behind the scenes content now and then! There's even a (semi regular) Patreon exclusive column and comic as well! If you donate to this page, you will not only get updates and stuff here first, but you'll also literally be helping my girlfriend and I be able to afford things we need, like medication. Anything you give will be absolutely greatly appreciated. Thanks for being a fan!

You can visit my work at the following links:

  • I Am So Proud Of You - My personal blog, filled with art and fiction
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry - A depressing webcomic about planets
  • Feel Bad Network - Podcast network featuring serialized audio dramas and more
  • The Stag - Serialized fiction ranging from drama to scifi to comedy
  • Payhip - You can purchase my novels, stickers & other physical products here!
  • FBTV - My youtube channel, Feel Bad Television, full of docuseries and fiction!
  • Be Kind, Rewind - A blog where I lambast bad VHS box art
  • Crackin' Spines - Sister blog to the above, where I lambast bad book cover art.
  • Pig Gut - A blog where I talk about whatever the hell I want to
  • Face Your Fears - A blog where I discuss masks, and their signifigence in our culture
25% complete
Here's the deal, I wanna start publishing my books/comics for real. This would help towards that goal, to make enough to also be able to sell, since I wouldn't just be paying for the creation of said physical book, but also because I'd be paying for shipping. This also includes graphic novels. Anyone who signs up for the 3 dollar and up tier gets their name in the back of the book as a "supporter".
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
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