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Get a patron-only perspective on my work.
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If you do this tier, you get your name put in the credits for any podcasts or films I make, along with a link to your own work (if you so wish).

Stickers/Print Of The Month

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If you pay 5 dollars, you'll receive a print/sticker of the month. The current print is "Beautiful". It comes on smooth photo paper and will be signed. Supplies are very limited at this time, so th...

Free Stories & Prints/Stickers

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If you pledge 10 dollars, not only do you get the previous tiers as well, but you also get the payhip story of the month, completely free! This month's story is "Baggage Claim".

Sorta Unhappy Package!

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If you pledge 15 dollars a month, you not only get the previous tiers, plus a coupon for 50% off my latest novel and each monthly episode of my upcoming paid podcast free at the end of the month!

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If you pledge 25 a month, you not only get the previous tiers, but you also get to tell me what to write for a "Close To Monsters" each month! Not only will this be cool for you to see your jokes i...

Get A Painting!

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This is a bit of a different situation, as with this tier you will actually NOT receive the previous tiers with it, so let that be known. I'm painting things, and if you wanna buy one of them, you ...