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By becoming a Patron and giving 1$ every month, you will help us to take care of the necessary hosting costs for making our mixes available on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Furthermore, it will also allow us to make more mixes, more often.

You will also be the first to have an exclusive access to our new mixes and be able to download them.

Finally, we will mail you a small personalised Magical Mystery Gift every year!

About Magical Mystery Mix

Magical Mystery Mix creates and supplies original mixes that cover multiple genres and themes, from Japanese jazz to abstract hip-hop. Dozen of hours of quality music for you to discover or rediscover.

The objective is to share music and satisfy curiosity.
Now, Magical Mystery Mix's main platform is Youtube, that has a great amount of active users but which is quite restrictive due to its copyright policies, and also its application which.. doesn't seem to be to everyone's liking.

Magical Mystery Mix is absolutely not profit-driven, but we want our mixes to be easy to reach and available anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, if you choose to help us by becoming a Patron, we may be able to reach our goal and start making our mixes available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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