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You get a small 200 x 100 px one-color drawing of whatever the heck you want thanking you as long as it's SFW, i.e. no female-presenting nipples, no male-presenting nipples, etc. EVERY MONTH UNTIL YOU SAY "STOP"

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You get access to a download of a 45-page one-shot comic I wrote and drew months ago about children getting punched in the face. Good stuff!!!!

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About Handspike

Hello! My pen name is  Handspike , and with my friend, Zainab Almahdi (@Yukim4ru), I’m creating a webcomic... 

…titled ‘Magical Heroines?!;’ a black comedy wherein a girl is dragged against her will into a magic child-based social system and repeatedly made to do worse and worse things that she doesn’t want to do. Each main character throughout the story is meant to both be a stereotypical anime character trope pushed into absurdity, as well as aware of their character, and self-loathing about it. I can say a whole lot about what everything is and how it goes because I’ve already written this whole thing.

Yeah, to be precise about it, I always envisioned this to at least reach a certain point where I can say ‘it’s a mostly-complete story!’ Everything’s been written for years now and been edited over and over along the way, so I’ve had everything figured out WAY in advance--and depending on reception to the series as it goes, I have an actual full-length version of the story that can pick up right where chapter 16 leaves off.

1. 1. My family is poor and it would be great to be able to start not making negative amounts of money every month ahaha please make me work for you

2. 1. I don’t really know how else to put this besides please support us. Neither of us are really in a position to just sit back and relaxedly spend a year doing a whole comic story and dying of hunger. We’re obviously working actual jobs in order to, you know, live, but there’s always the chance that things can get to where we decide “It’s better for us if we drop the comic and writing work for good.” And obviously we’d like to keep doing this, we’d love if you love Magical Heroines! We’d love if you wanted shirts and small little accessories and things, and we’d love to make them somehow.

The Patreon is going to help pay bills and get things in our lives repaired, but I suppose most importantly, it’ll prove that this series can actually be made and completed, like a barometer of actual popularity.

Magical Heroines?! was meant to be read as chapter-chunks with rapid-enough updates to actually create a level of community around it. At current, we’ve got big plans for how we roll this thing out and how much I think it’s going to physically kill me, but it would be nice to get some support off of it! We have things we have to do! LIKE BE ABLE TO LIVE IN A SOCIETY! (THIS LINE IS MY EXCUSE TO DO A FUTURE CHARACTER CONCEPT SPLASH PAGE EDIT THIS PART OUT)

But if enough people are able to show through social media and site metrics and donations--more the number of people than the amount pledged--then it could become much, much easier to see this as something with an actual future to it. I can’t promise that this story will make you happy, but it will make you uncomfortable. Because everything that makes you uncomfortable was put there because thinking of it made me sad. Aw, shit, this isn’t how you’re supposed to sell a story to possible fans…aww dammit.

Because I wanna trick as many of you into pledging as possible, for freakin’ $1 I’ll ask you for a character you want, draw you a really, really low-detail 200 x 100 one-color pixel drawing, and post a thanks for the dono message to twitter (@HandspikeAuthor). Look whatever you’re givin I’m thankful and feel free to go “No thanks bud” but I mean you’d be missin out


You gain access to an download post with all 45-page non-canon spin-off comic drawn entirely by myself. It’s fuckin’ ugly but at least I like the script. It’s about a magical girl who idolizes an 80s-style dashing thug hero-type male magical girl, and together they fight other, shittier magical delinquents while she figures out why she hates herself!

Anyone who pledges in at least $3 gets the $1 and $3 rewards, tho the $3 one is sort of a one-time gift thing so like…go wild with it I dunno

I’m not the main artist but hey, if you’re paying me money I better be doing SOMETHING to get you back!! No porn though. I’m an asexual virgin. I don’t know what a sex looks like.  But otherwise I’m literally begging to be taken advantage of. Go wild fam

If you’re giving me fifty actual US dollars, I better give you something ridiculous. Don’t pay me $50. That’s kind of a dumb idea. I mean, I want you to but seriously don’t

This just feels super super achievable, so yeah, when we get there we’ll just start providing these things for free to patrons at all levels. I so I guess it’s not free and technically $1. Or like a bundle deal. I don’t know. Enjoy pics minus title and flavor text!!

Every month I’ll set up a patron post open to replies with whatever questions you’ve got.

Every month a few characters will take them up and respond to them for your lore and pleasure.

And I’ll call it “Remember Radio Kon Baby From Early Bleach? Back When Bleach Was Good? God Damn I Wish Bleach Didn’t Get Worse Because It Was SO Good”.

Maybe I won’t. There’s still time to decide what to call it, but I guess that’s the format.

I can easily put together some stuff on all the main characters and what went into them and all the little references nobody really cares about. Plus maybe the rough drafts would be a great showcase on how NOT to do drafts, or how to try and communicate badly to an artist as a writer? I dunno. Maybe??

We’ll come up with other stuff as things go on, but for right now, this is comfy.

In closing, I hope you think this story could turn into something you’re going to love. If you even just get that bonus comic and then cut the pledge off next month I won’t even be mad, that’d be more helpful that you may think for a LOT of reasons. I’ve got a lot of stories I want to tell with a whole teams’ worth of characters and a lot of angry emotional territory to cover! Like ‘Why they gotta keep sexualizing 14 year-olds in anime?’, or ‘Why can’t anime stories stop making boring-ass overpowered asshole main characters in worlds where every single other person sucks?’, or ‘Why am I not happy?’ And the answer to the last one is ‘Because I’m a weeb who hates weebs.’ Tragic.

Read Magical Heroines?! here!!!
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Clean title page downloads for all patrons.

Seems like a thing you do! Useful for when we start having really tasty ones lying around.
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