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About Garrett

I am a Wizard

and researcher interested in the occult and supernatural.

Magician, Wizard, Warlock, Witch, Psychomancer, Druid, Shaman, over time we've invented 1000 names for the ancient study of the arcane. My name is Garrett, and I study philosophy, history, and psychology to discover more about humanity. Through magic, I empower others with knowledge. People can use this knowledge to make their lives and the world a better place for everyone.

Patrons will receive access to special magic, spells, and arcane secrets.
Some of these will be ancient in origin, while others will be handcrafted by myself for a direct purpose. Some patrons may also receive personal readings, or custom spells and sigils.

Work with me to discover as much as we can about the oldest of humanities secrets!

Join me in becoming the most powerful magician you can imagine
Together we will uncover the truth.
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When I reach 100 Patreons, I will hire an assistant to help me publish videos regularly on spellcraft.
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