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About MagicToMaster

Dear adventure players, whether you be Warriors, Petruns, Shamans, or Ninjas!
Let us introduce ourselves: we are Laniatus, a Hungarian development team who is now developing the game “Magic to Master.” Prepare to see the MMO from a whole new perspective!
When the Game Channel approached us with an official blog opportunity, we didn't hesitate a moment before saying YES! We did this because we can finally communicate you, the players who live, breathe, and give us the right feedback for which we are very thankful!

MagicToMaster will be open to the public in America & All World after March 2020. What sets M2M apart is its strong Hungarian history. As an Indie project, it is a great international success for those of you who are interested in connecting with and co-existing with a Turkish community
The game is set to be translated from Hungarian to English & Turkish & Deutsch to enhance our thriving community! to be
The game has a grand capacity of 5,000,000 registered account limit
For those unfamiliar with MagicToMaster, our game is owned and operated by Lanintus Game Kft. & OtterWorks Kft. and we are willing to put our skills to the test in the spirit of the game. "This blog is where you can get to know the MMO world we build and develop every day. We would like to communicate with you here in the coming months and years as we can honestly confess our failures on this interface and so you, the fans can proudly tell us about our successes with our present our developments.

Another thing that sets us apart is we LISTEN to YOU!
In our bi-weekly posts, we'll keep you updated on what's new in the game, outline the direction we want to go, and how you can shape it. You can help us with comments, positive or negative criticisms, and ideas, and we will pay full attention to them and actively use any ideas or suggestions that you can follow to advance the Magic To Master fate with your players.
Our plan is to make an MMORPG that is actively built on community ideas for improvements rather than what has been set in stone. This official blog will be a place where we can talk to each other much more directly than ever before, as this site is not only Support interface, but a new tool where you and us can react actively to each other's comments.

It is important that you are not left unattended after installing the game, as the installer itself has an online chat that allows you to communicate directly with the developers and to interact with someone throughout your adventure, as the team is constantly in the game.
All you have to do is ask you, comment on the game, tell us what you would like to change, what you want to see in the game, how we can make Magic To Master better for you! As we release weekly and bi-weekly updates to the game, good and useful ideas can quickly get into the MMORPG world we build with you, together.
In order to offer a better game to our world, we need investment. Approximately € 180,000 was invested for the game. But it's not enough, we need your support..

What is Battleground?
Battleground is practically a standalone game within MagicToMaster. The huge crawl space and the countless variety of quests the game offers sometimes make a starter big enough at first, as it obviously takes time to develop. The essence of Battleground is that in short, short-lived PvP battles , players can match their combat skills to even start their adventure without starting the story.

It helps you develop your combat skills and gain experience points that you can use throughout the game. We have tried to design the game modes so that the lower level characters also have good tactics.
Why did we add the new mode to the game?
And why are these fields blood? Because they are practically carpeted in blood! "Battle Ground" is practically a standalone game within Magic To Master. The huge open landscape and the countless variety of quests the game offers sometimes make a starting player feel big enough at first, as it obviously takes time to develop. The essence of Battle Ground is that in short, short-lived PvP battles , players can match their combat skills to even start their adventure without starting the story.
It helps you develop your combat skills and gain experience points that you can use throughout the game. We have tried to design the game modes so that the lower level characters also have good tactics.
Why did we add the new mode to the game?
We are proud to say that we, the players, are building Magic To Master, so it is natural that when you miss something, we are paying attention and considering the possibility of getting into the game. Many of us have come to us asking for a training ground, but many more have come to us somehow to accelerate development. We brainstormed for a long time, countless ideas from developers and inventors of historical elements, and a new, exciting and thrilling gameplay came from a cross between many ideas.
It was also important that we wanted to reinforce and deepen the game, as there might be people who find it one-dimensional to eliminate mobs or buried runes - but these are not the pillars of any MMO. But we aren't just any MMO, we want to be the ULTIMATE PVP MMO! BUt only if you'd like it to be.
Here's a little teaser for Battle Ground:

Why Hero Engine?
However you slice it, we felt there was nothing no other choice. We needed a dedicated device. And Hero Engine was the super always-online cloud development tool specicically engineeered for MMOs we could find!

We were inpired also by the usage of Hero Engine in games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. And, like the many fledgling padawans who are spawned in the game all the time, the engine itself continued to trudge on through grwoing pains.
Of course, buying an engine is always a trade-off, because you have to live with design decisions made by others, so when a professional is on the lookout, you always look for the one that best fits your needs. As you know, we voted in favor of Hero Engine!

The fact that Hero Engine was offered to us at a much more affordable price played a significant role in the decision, and its capabilities seemed convincing --- including providing an interactive interface that made it easier to build worlds. Hero Engine basically employs a cloud-based world architecture, each area that corresponds to the levels in our country can run as a completely independent process, in any number of instances, and developers and players alike can re-create a seamless world after logging on. Thanks to cloud-based editing, we could save a lot of time and work together more smoothly.

What did this package offer?

Although a relatively convenient scripting language is used, the bugging capabilities have proven to be relatively limited. Many of the features required by MMORPGs, such as network communication, animated character management, track editing, and user interface editing, were already available or seemed to be improving with little work. In addition, advanced and sophisticated server management systems were promised by engine developers, but they were only made available after full license, so we could not investigate their capabilities or the deepest aspects of engine operation .

It is also important that players' clients are able to update on the fly as new content is added, or we need to make a quick bug fix, which is a very attractive feature and very advantageous to many other MMO systems.

The initial joys and difficulties

The development started at the end of 2012, and thanks to the convenient workflows and turnkey development tools, we have made great progress. There were difficulties that we bridged over time, but we encountered some obstacles that we did not expect. In some cases, the engine(Our mistakes) may have malfunctions, or embedded systems have not worked properly, such as the Seamless Travel system for transitions between tracks.

The makers in our project (M2M) also relyed on a third-party engine, which meant that they were not fully functional before the hero engine. Unfortunately, this trust was in vain. The only alternative for us was only HeroEngine! We don't regret this because we finished our game and IdeaFabrik company helped us achieve this. Both the server architecture and the communication made design decisions that basically determine how the engine works, so they cannot be changed, but they also allowed us to resolve technical issues that would cause more serious problems such as latency. For example, communication based on the TCP protocol, which prevents loss of communication packets, puts more strain on the system if there is a problem with the connection between the players and the server. When we started working with MSSQL with the previous game database, many operational options to test the database system load were not well designed. However, after meeting HeroEngine, we completely eliminated this problem with oracle database. While looking for the cause of the delays, we wrote ourselves several systems. While we were dealing with these, HeroEngine software engineers came to our rescue and continued to develop the engine! This was a support that no game engine has ever had before!

As problems were constantly waking up and the gameplay was being developed, the engine was paid for, so there was no way to port it back - to modify existing graphics or to write the entire logic from 0. However, we need to step-by-step to identify and fix engine errors , as BioWare did for Old Republic. This will hopefully provide our players with a more trouble-free game, more reliable services and a better experience.

it is also true that we have taken full advantage of the engine. When it comes to working in a particular framework, you have to make the most of it, and developer work is always like that. On-the-fly repairs, continuous development architecture, and some of the ready-made systems we offer still support our work, and probably no other engine could have created Magic to Master from such a small amount of resources so quickly. The Hero Engine also makes it a core philosophy of this blog that we are constantly building MMORPGs with our players .

We would have liked to have had a little insight into the background, and we hope that these two blog posts succeeded. Any questions, ideas, still welcome, bombard us with comments!

We have been confronted with harsh sounds several times because of lag, tearing up, compatibility issues, running two clients. We will talk about some of them now.

Nowadays one of the most common problems we face every day. The solution is slow and cumbersome because there are many sources that need to be explored and solved individually. The engine used for Magic to Master offers very high help with troubleshooting, of which the documentation of lag processes is extremely poor. That is why we have to search for them individually and develop the solution independently from the developers of the basic engine.

Once the bug has been discovered, it is tested internally and then collected in a live environment. These are checked daily and analyzed to find where and what is wrong. When we detect a lag that does not appear in our measurements, or we do not see from the measured data where the root of the error is, we must return to the design table and develop new, more comprehensive measurement methods. All this, of course, so that the sharp system itself is kept steady and the measurements themselves do not slow down the whole game.

In most cases, there are reports that do not contain meaningful information, making them difficult to detect. There are many times whenother programs running on the machine or internet connection problem is ludas .

Finding the lag itself from the above is very difficult in some cases, because very often we can't detect lag until they tell us. This is a complicated and lengthy process, but we always try to react quickly if the error is real and we have it.

torn Practices
Recently, we have built into the parent engine a system that can aggregate how often players are dropped out of the game and based on the results we see this ratio is relatively high. This can be quite frustrating for players and a serious problem for us to fix. However, based on the data collected, we have already discovered some very serious defects in the engine, which we have either repaired or started to solve. You can expect significant improvements in the coming updates!

Compatibility Issues

As we want to make the game accessible to as many people as possible, we are working to eliminate any obstacles that may exist between the game and the players. Based on your feedback and the live support experience from patcher, we can see what the most common issues are. Since we have a lot of players who do not have the most up-to-date computer, we have tried to minimize the need for the machine .

The minimum configuration means that this is the lowest performing computer that we regularly test and guarantee a fun game.

There are minimum requirements that we cannot solve with optimization, which is due to the engine we use. DirectX9.0c and its associated Shader Model 3 are required to display the graphics in the game, but most video cards do not have a problem.

It is important that not only Magic to Master but also other games are affected.

We will discuss more about running the two clients at the same time in our weekly post next week ! If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to comment here, as you know the slogan: Let's create a really good MMORPG game! :)

Battleground now and later
Battleground is currently running a test run, is under continuous development, we are constantly monitoring system stability and refining the matchmaking system. We are improving the issues we are experiencing day by day, balancing the game to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Our goal is to call Battleground a stable final version as soon as possible!

Immediately on the second day, the modifications you sent in , such as preventing the killing of reviving players, were made a short-term invulnerability, since you could practically cut someone off immediately. Rewards are modest during the test runto prevent anyone from taking advantage of a bug, they will of course be raised and fine-tuned in live mode.

Of course, in the initial period the balance of the teams may not be perfect yet, the first 10-20 games are used to gauge the strength of the players. However, this changes over time, the efficiency of the system improves, and as more and more players join the new mode, the battles will be more balanced. It will be like someone facing a wrong opponent in the beginning, as the system has to experience the skills of each player and determine the balance of power. This requires some battles.

Help us improve!

We would like you to continue to help us with your ideas and suggestions as you have done so far! It is important for us to build an MMO with you that will give every player maximum satisfaction . We are particularly curious about your views on new game modes, which ones you like, or what you may need to improve! What do you think about the constantly evolving PvP balance?

We would be delighted to mention the usability, convenience or what you would like to see in Battleground mode!

We hope we have aroused your curiosity and if you haven't done so already, sign up for the game, as MagicToMaster and Battleground are waiting for all players! Let's create a really good MMORPG game! :)
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