Sam Henderson is creating something called HAIL SEIZURE

Rough art

$1 /mo
A look at the second go at the roughs for each page

Look at final art

$2 /mo
Look at final art

(I guess because I changed this tier, you can't see who the donors are now. Sorry.)

Missed pages

$5 /mo
Patreon doesn't keep a permanent archive of pages like I thought. If you come late and have missed pages, for this amount I will e-mail a PDF of a particular chapter to you personally plus another ...

Magic Whistle 3.3

$12 /mo

40 pages. Postpaid. Sketch by me.

cover by Tony Millionaire

20 pages by me, additional work by Steven Weissman, Roy Tompkins, Jen Sandwich, and Corinne Halbert

original art

$25 /mo
Original artwork of your choice from my many gags I've posted on social media through Not through here, and unfortunately it won't show up on my goals but it will feed me...


$25 /mo
includes #14 (last solo issue) and issues 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3, as well as an original sketch by me.  Have some of these? E-mail me at [email protected] and we'll work something out.

Custom drawring

$50 /mo
Anything you want me to draw, original 11" x 14" bristol black and white.

You're in the comic

$100 /mo
A supporting character will be named after you! Wheee!

I'll visit you

$200 /mo
With this pledge plus the cost of transportation, I will come to your house.

I'll visit you and we'll watch a movie

$201 /mo
For this plus the cost of transportation, I will come to your house and bring a disc of the movie of your choosing (if Redbox has it) and we'll watch it.