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Salvete plurimum! My name is Jessie Craft, and I am the owner of Magister Craft was born out of a desperate need to provide students and all beginning Latin learners with compelling and level appropriate Latin. I, among so many others, have come to embrace Latin as a living language and wish to aid any and all in their journey to learn it. 

I have come to Patreon now for some assistance. I wish to improve and expand Magister Craft to include more resources for Latin learners. Besides making videos in Minecraft, I wish to move into educational blog posts, podcasting, hosting guest content-creators and scholars, producing Novice - Intermediate leveled Latin readers, etc. For teachers, I aim to provide you with ready made lesson plans and supplemental materials--things you could simply gather from my site and immediately deliver in your class room with almost zero prep on your part.

So, if you have found my work useful and wish to show me a token of your appreciation, then have a look at the tier system I have set up and decide what kind of support you wish to provide. I do not aim to keep content behind a paywall, so your support is truly that, support. Whatever you are able to offer is most appreciated.

Curate ut valeatis,

Jessie "Magister" Craft
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This first goal will go towards covering the basic expenses of maintaining the website, domain name, server, and buying a professional mic (the mic on my cell phone is not quite the quality you deserve!).
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