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(package price $26 + $4 S/H) Up to $60 value!!
THE WELL-ROUNDED AMBASSADOR -- at this tier, you will receive:

  • BOOK OF THE MONTH (An $18-30 value!) - sometimes two!
  • T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH (A $20 value!)
    • Mystery Extra Item of the month
    • Exclusive 2-sided poster of the month
    • Collectible foil-stamped bookmark of the month
    • Membership card w/ ID# (with initial shipment)
    • 30 AMBASSADOR POINTS per month
    • A one-use 30% Off discount code for our webstore, valid for 30 days

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THE CONNOISSEUR SET -- at this tier, you will receive:

  • EXCLUSIVE FRAMEABLE ART PRINT OF THE MONTH - a heavy cardstock print that will make your home look like a gallery! Limited to only 75 copies!
  • SIGNED BOOK PLATE - signed by the author of that's month's new release tipped into your own copy of the book!
  • BONUS MERCH ITEM - a limited edition piece of merch or item exclusive to Connoisseur-level club members!
    • Book of the Month
    • T-shirt of the Month
    • Extra Mystery Item
    • Exclusive 2-sided poster of the month
    • Collectible foil-stamped bookmark of the month
    • Membership card w/ ID# (with initial shipment)
    • 50 AMBASSADOR POINTS per month
    • A one-use 45% Off discount code for our webstore, valid for 30 days




per Special Member Offering

About Magnetic Press

    • Membership card (as described)
    • The previous month's bonus items (and maybe even all previous month's before that, if there's any left...)
    • Full color 8x10" 2016 calendar, filled with a look at what's ahead!


The World’s Best Graphic Novels and Art Books.
Every month.

When we launched Magnetic Press in 2014, we had one goal in mind: to bring some of the coolest books and amazing artists in the world to print in the US.  We emptied our pockets and chased that dream with the spirit and energy required to launch an independent publishing label from scratch -- no six-figure investors, no golden trust funds, no corporate sponsors -- just a couple of guys with some gumption and a love of dynamic visual storytelling.  And in the first year, that gumption paid off in the form of an amazingly supportive and ever-growing fanbase who really seem to appreciate our artists and ambition.  (And earning two Eisner Award nominations in the first year wasn’t too bad, either.)

Now, as we roll forward, we have no intention of slowing down.  And we want to bring you, the discerning reader, into the fold and along for the ride, and to reward you for your ongoing support.  Being as small and independent as we are, we rely on your helpful word-of-mouth and the grass-root level buzz to spread the word --  We need you to be our Ambassadors in the world.  And we’ve built a VIP club just for you!

Every month, we’ll send an Ambassador Cargo Package to each of our members, containing all kinds of awesome content, not the least of which will be the newest graphic novel or art book hitting shelves that month.  Think of it a bit like a subscription service or book club, but with a wealth of extra awesomeness inside each box!

Choose from an array of available membership tiers and get an assortment of cool and exclusive things sent to your doorstep every month, from designer foil-stamped bookmarks, custom posters, exclusive new monthly T-shirts, frameable artboard prints, signed book plates, monthly mystery surprises, all the way up to original sketches and artwork from one of our uber-talented artists, and even an opportunity to go behind the scenes and get credited in our printed masthead in titles going to print that month.  Pick the tier that works for you, upgrade or downgrade as you see fit each month. We want you to be happy and proud to be a Magnetic Press Ambassador!

To make your membership official, everyone who joins at the $7 tier or above will get a slick, translucent plastic Ambassadors Club card with a unique member ID sent with their first package.  This Ambassador ID number will not only identify you as a (literal) card-carrying Magnetic Press Ambassador, but will allow you to start accruing Ambassador Points for all sorts of additional tiered bonuses based on your rank: free shipping, exclusive merchandise, permanent web-store discounts, and a special Birthday Bonus sent to you each year (as long as your membership is active that month). And much, much more!

Each monthly tier includes a chunk of Ambassador Points (in addition to the goodies inside your Cargo box) that steadily accrue, so just by being a regular member, you earn more rewards!  As your point total rises, so does your rank -- start out as a proud “Charge d’Affair” and work your way up to revered “Excellency”, collecting additional exclusive items just for ranking up!

There are so many rewards built into this program, it’s crazy.  But we truly need your ongoing support to keep bringing you the sort of dazzling, unique, and dynamic books you’ve seen from us so far.  There are dozens and dozens of amazing titles out there just waiting to be released, but it takes funding to do that: licensing fees, advances, printing costs, shipping expenses, etc.  And we're still just a couple of Joes doing this with couch change and a positive attitude.  We are a very small company with a limited production budget that only allows us to release a few titles per year, so we’re setting a few extended monthly Milestone Goal:  Help us reach $1500 a month, and we will create a variant cover for an upcoming title EXCLUSIVE TO CLUB MEMBERS!  This exclusive edition will be foil-stamped and only sent out to club members!  Help us reach $5000 a month, and we will add an additional title to our release schedule!  And the best part is YOU CAN HELP CHOOSE WHICH TITLE!  If we reach that monthly goal, we’ll present the latest candidates to the exclusive, members-only Embassy Forum for you to vote on.  Talk about insider’s access – you can be an active part of our creative process!

There are many more hidden perks in the program, we could go on for days.  You can click here to visit the website for more info.  Otherwise, please feel free to choose a membership tier below to start your membership today.

(Please note: currently we only ship to domestic US addresses. We want to support our international fans as well, but the cost of shipping will require a completely different pricing structure.  If you are outside the U.S. we still encourage you to support us at the $1 tier to start building points, and as soon as we have that portion of the Club ready, you'll already have some momentum!)

And then please spread the word!  We can’t do this without you!
$325 of $1,500 per Special Member Offering
If you help us reach this goal in a single month, we will produce an exclusive variant cover for the title in production that month which will  ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO AMBASSADORS CLUB MEMBERS!  These will be seriously collectible, as at that target goal we'd only be producing maybe 200 of these exclusive covers?  And our philosophy is that variants should always be cooler than the normal cover....
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