magnusmagneto is creating Interactive FMG Experiences

Basic Supporter

$1 /creation
Every dollar counts, and you'll have my thanks!

You'll get access to the quick posts I put on here, and will be able to vote in polls.

Special Thanks + Backer Version

$5 /creation
You will be included in a special thanks section of the game under the alias of your choice.

You will also receive the Backer edition of FMG Life Sim - which has the same content as the reg...


Early Access

$10 /creation

You will receive early access to all of my free games.  You will also automatically be invited to the beta of each game.  


Let's say a big update to LifeS...

Honorary Life Sim Designer

$20 /creation
You will be given the option to work with me directly to design an aspect of the game.

This can include an item, skill, activity, perk, trait, or something else along these lines.


Honorary Full Experience Designer

$75 /creation
You can direct a short interactive experience!  Something similar to the original FMG preview, but a bit longer and more fleshed out.