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We thank you for your support. Every dollar counts and allows us to produce content that is different to the typical beekeeping videos and adds value to the beekeeping societies around the world, especially the young budding bee keepers. We value your support and commit our spare time and energy to helping honey bees and beekeepers alike. Your donations will be used 100% wisely.
per monthly educational beekeeping video
For support our efforts with a $5 per video contribution, we would like to thank you by emailing you a beautifully crafted MahakoBees beekeeping wallpaper signed with a short personalized message. Just email us your preferred name. We appreciate every contribution and your counts too, so thank you for supporting our cause. Greatly appreciated.
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We would like to reward anyone that supports our beekeeping channel and activities relating to saving the bees. If you are kind enough to support us with $10 for at least 6 videos, we would like to include your custom "save the bees" message or perhaps an infographic or simply a slogan in our next video. It can be anything, so long as it is family friendly and remains on topic. We appreciate your support, and this is a little something we would like to acknowledge your contribution with. Simply become our $10 per video Patreon for 6 videos, email a draft of your personal message and we will incorporate them into our next production.Thank you for supporting this fantastic cause.




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We are in a desperate need of a new slow motion video camera. Reaching this goal will enable us to purchase such a camera within a few months, which will have slow motion and wireless control capability - a necessity when recording honey bees in motion. With this device, we will create new exciting educational content that will provide insight into the life and flight of a bee. We are optimistic that we can create quality content to reach this goal, but this camera will be a springboard into much bigger goals and help us undertake more elaborate endeavors that will hopefully have a positive impact on a global scale. So please come and support us so we can continue to expand the wealth of beekeeping knowledge and educate the younger generations about the importance of our struggling honey bees within our food chain. They need our help and support. Thank you.
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