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About MAI

Welcome to my Patreon page! My nickname is MAI, I recently became interested in creating games for adults on the engine RenPy.

   My first game is called "Lustful actions." The main character is a young guy who recently graduated from high school and enrolled in College. He is not very popular with girls, but in the future, he will be able to change it. As the project develops, new characters and locations will be introduced into the game. The game will be as unique story events and recurrent. The main character and other NPCs will have their own characteristics. These characteristics will affect both the NPC's behavior and the player's abilities.

I invite everyone to support my project and become my patron.

About quality render in "Lustful Actions"
Dear players, my game is developing only by me. I am a screenwriter, programmer, and designer in one person. As I think, I have no problems with writing code and scripts, at least for now. But the question of design and render is now a retarding factor. My computer is very weak for rendering complex compositions when there are many objects in scenes. Therefore, I am forced to draw scenes in layers, with this method, there are no shadows in the scenes and the picture looks less natural. As the project progresses, I will make a large-scale upgrade of my PC. Then the "Lustful Actions" will have better images and animation.

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