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Limited (48 of 50 remaining)
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reward item
per month
Something fun, send to you by mail. Every month. A decorated envelope with a little note. A zine with weird poetry and cute illustrations. It could be anything. But it'll definitely be something unique! Are you curious yet?
The price includes one postage stamp. You'll receive something that's max. 20 grams.
  • Receive a card (or it's equivalent)


Limited (97 of 100 remaining)
reward item
reward item
per month
If you choose this option, you'll receive a monthly dose of mail art magic in the shape of a decorated envelope filled with artsy goodies. 
The price includes two stamps. You'll be amazed what adds up to 50 grams! 
It will be a surprise, of course. I'll think of something new for every month. But you may expect several items at once. Like little drawings (of a guy dressed in a banana suit), a collage postcard, conceptual art, a motivational cheer and a zine. 
  • Stuffed envelope

Fancy Flamingo

Limited (24 of 25 remaining)
reward item
reward item
per month
Mail Art Magic Monthly. 
If you choose this option you'll receive amazing surprises in your mailbox. I'll use up to five postage stamps to spoil you. Every month I'll come up with something new and special. Pay more attention to separately wrap and decorate items. Limited editions. Signed artworks. Photo series. Sewn envelopes. Above and beyond, I'll go the extra mile. Everything to make you smile! 
  • Stuffed envelope
  • Receive a card (or it's equivalent)
  • Limited Edition Artworks




per month

About Mail Art Magic

Hello Mail Art Lover! 

How nice of you to have found your way here! This is a magical portal to spoil yourself (or someone else). When you sign up for one of the tiers, you'll be asked to provide a shipping address. Because that's what I do: I create tangible mail for you! 

A card, a zine, a drawing or my positive thoughts, poetry or delightful ramblings: every month I'll think of something to entertain you by mail. I hope you are as excited about this as I am! 

There's always the option of requesting something. I encourage you to write me at least once to share your preferences. (Example: I love all the colors as long as they are bright. I don't like pastels. Love vintage. Love cats and nature, spirituality and weirdness. Don't like dogs. Love fairies and flowers and unicorns. More writing please. Yes! More original artworks!)

I already started creating mail. If you sign up today, you'll receive mail starting this month.

With love, 

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