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About Main Street Menagerie

Hey there - my name is Tayler and welcome to the Main Street Menagerie! 
While I know that Disney content isn't hard to come by, and is even an oversaturated market if we're being honest, I'm determined to create products and series that are fresh, exciting, and as interactive as possible. One of the things I love most about Disney is the feeling of community, the shared love that we all have for the parks, movies, and everything in between. There is truly nothing stronger than the belief in magic. 

Here on this channel, you'll find - well - a menagerie of Disney-related content: 

TREN-DIY - a DIY series where I take you through the process of making cute, Disney-themed clothes, house decor, and anything else I can think of, without paying the Disney price tag. 

Dinner & a Movie - Wondering if a new Disney movie is worth seeing? (Let's be honest, it's hard to tell with all the remakes coming at us) Want to cook alongside me while you find out? Here's the series for you! With Dinner & a Movie, I'll talk about all of the things I liked and didn't like (no spoilers, unless there's desserts!) all while Food Network-style walking through how to make a related dish. For example, an Incredibles II review, with the Super Stretchy Burger recipe attached. 

Disney history, tips and tricks, and much more! 

The photos and videos I produce are free to watch and enjoy, and are all a direct product of my passion for all things Disney. Any contributions made on this platform will be put directly back in the channel, going towards things such as: art supplies, camera equipment (tripod, lighting, microphone/s, etc), thrift projects, and different reading material/sources for history videos.

This is my passion, what fulfills me, and I'm happy to put up the money myself, but more funding means more projects, and bigger projects I can produce for you, the viewer. Beyond that, though, I want to start a community, a place where everyone feels welcome, no matter the skill level or knowledge, and can feel safe to learn, explore, and ask questions. 

I hope to have you along with me on this journey, whether as a Patron, or simply as a viewer, and can't wait to see where we end up!

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