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About Maisha Z. Johnson

Are you following my work, or wondering where you’ve heard my name before?

A refresher: You might know me from my viral article that spread understanding on cultural appropriation. Or from the viral one for survivors still with their abusive partners. Or from my viral freak-out about the 2016 election.

Going viral: I’ve been there. And now I could use some viral support. Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing.

The short of this project is this: Though much of my work has gone viral, most of my labor these days is unpaid or underpaid.

But I’m still working my butt off, and with you on my team, I could be even more effective (hey, actually funding the work can have that impact!). So I’d like to invite you to get early access to my articles, personalized content, and more.

This work is necessary – and going viral multiple times over has told me just how much people need it. Here’s some of what I hope to accomplish with you:

  • Expanding the abuse & healing resource center on my website – providing accessible info for all domestic violence survivors, not just info that serves straight, white women survivors, as DV resources often do.
  • Writing a regular column providing resources for reader questions.
  • Hosting a patron-only vlog to share more personal narratives with my supporters.
  • Publishing more books like Through Your Own Words: 51 Writing Prompts for Healing and Self-Care, to share guidance for wellness and change.
  • Leading courses and workshops to enrich writing and healing practices.

Check out the rewards I’m offering to see what you can get in return. Check out my goals to see exactly what we’re building together.

And then check out that “Become a Patron” button to keep up with the exciting updates that are all thanks to you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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