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About Majazzter Duo

Hi there!
We are the Majazzter Duo, but if you want you can call us Minie and Manny!

Our story dates back to 2006 when we started playing jazz together...and we also got married!
In all these years we have grown, we have studied, experimented, and always kept dreaming about our music.

Our goal is to create something that can mix vintage scents with modern flavours, the memories of the place where we come from (Italy), and the dreams of the place where we are (Australia).

Starting with some covers, which we are sure you all know very well, within 2018 we will introduce our own songs. Are you ready?

Let's do it!


This is an example of our new repertoire:
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When we reach the first $50, we will make a thank you video singing with our dogs!
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