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Creating An Actual-Play, Family-Friendly, 5e-D&D Adventure!

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About Make-Believe Heroes Podcast

Make-Believe Heroes Podcast is a Homebrew, Actual-Play, 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Podcast for the whole family! If you're reading this now, then odds are that you already know all about our show. But just in case you don't, here's a concise rundown of what we're all about:

Who we are. We are a group of friends that love Dungeons & Dragons. While many of us are separated by many miles in the physical realm, we get together regularly online to play D&D together. So we thought, why not record this mess and put all of our fun-times out there for the world to hear? And so, starting in January 2018, that's just what we did.

Our podcast is about to wrap its second season since we launched over a year ago. During that time, our listener base has grown, as has our dedication and love for this world and the story that we have created together. From the get-go, we believed that in order to create a truly great D&D podcast, then it MUST be built on these pillars:

  • Good, clean fun amongst friends
  • Great Role-Playing
  • In-depth world-building with a story worth telling
  • Quality Audio
  • The best edits available, with powerful sound effects, music, and soundscapes to really elevate the listening experience!
Have we done that? Why, yes. I believe we have. And all for free!

So why launch a Patreon? It's simple: we want to do more. But since this is all just a labor of love, it is often difficult to justify spending even more time creating content that isn't 100% necessary for delivering our great episodes each Monday. But, with your help, we want to do more!

We know that our fans are faithful and passionate. You have told us that you want more: more stories from the world of Manumi, more bonus episodes, more Q&A's, MERCH, etc. And we want to make it for you. Thus: Patreon!

What is our goal? We aren't looking to "make it big" on Patreon. What we would love, more than anything, is for this show to simply become self-sufficient. With a few bucks from our fans, you can set MBH free from the restraints of keeping up hosting fees for the show and website, the cost of sound effects and other licenses for production, upkeep/upgrading hardware, and more. We want to provide our fans with the best listening experience possible, and we believe that Patreon is the best path for accomplishing these goals.

If you love MBH, know this: we will NEVER hide our show behind a paywall. Those regular episodes will continue being released for all of our listeners, free of charge. Period. But if you would like to give back a little for the hours of entertainment that we have provided you, then we're okay with that too. And in exchange, we will give you more content! If that's something that interests you, then check out our support tiers now. We think you're really going to like what we have to offer. Cheers!
$150 - reached! per month
We want to do more, and we believe that you all want more from us. So here's the deal: if we can get up to $150 per month in support, then we will launch a secondary show that is available to everyone, with early access for ALL patrons, including the MBCompanion supporters! What is that show? 

Make-Believe Villains.

When we reach this goal, we will launch an all-new D&D podcast set in Manumi, DM'd by our very-own Jeremy. Just imagine the mind behind Sut-Sar-Is running an evil campaign for all of us... Let that sink in.

Our plan would be to start with monthly releases and work our way toward bi-weekly. It would still be family-friendly in regard to language and inappropriate content, but it could see an upward-trend on the violence and general villainy. What a blast that would be! 

We believe in you guys, make this happen! It will be AWESOME.
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