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About Make it Soph - Soph's MiniMakers

Hey! Soph here. Trying to achieve my dreams, spending everyday making and creating in the hope to inspire others. Here's where I try and explain what's going on...

Whether it's paintings, sculptures, upcycled creations, custom figures, woodturning, junk builds, design work, etc., my ambition is to motivate others to try and see what they are able to create with their own hands, at whatever age, no matter what previous experience they may have. Then the ultimate goal would be one day to get my own studio to act as a Creation Hub where people of all ages, especially the younger generation, can come and get involved with making and art.

This is where I humbly ask for your kind support. As I am a part-time carer working on all things Make it Soph & MiniMakers on my own, it is becoming increasingly difficult to dedicate the necessary time, materials & resources to maintain this progress. I have been overwhelmed by all of the support so far and with further generosity I will be able to continue making new pieces and features, by devoting much more time and utilise new resources to create innovative new projects and get closer to the goal. 

My passion is to create but to see what I do inspire the younger generation is something I never expected. So now Make it Soph is not only driven by me being able to do something that I love, it's driven by its audience and the want to inspire as many people as possible.

If you are interested in supporting and becoming a member of 'Sophfleet' I can't tell you how much this is appreciated. There are many rewards for you to select from but no matter the contribution, I am truthfully grateful for every penny. Thank you for any contribution you can make.

Do What You Love,
Love What You Do.

Thank you for stopping by.
Soph x 
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My dream is to create, make, inspire and grow Soph's MiniMakers full-time. Through creative workshops and online crafting content for kids on several platforms allowing children to share their imaginations with the world.

At 500 patrons, not only is this a reachable goal, it will help me overcome barriers such as financial and time restraints as well as creating an environment where young people can craft, share and develop their skills.
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