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About Maki Naro

Hey Kids!
I’m Maki. You may know me from comics Boxplot and Sufficiently Remarkable. Or maybe you just saw me on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search.

Back in 2013, I decided to quit my day job and go freelance. It was easily the most important decision of my life. But being a freelancer is tough. Going from gig to gig is exciting, but it doesn’t leave much time for personal or experimental works. 

After Strip Search, I crowd funded my newest comic, Sufficiently Remarkable, and it went really well. But I can't say I wasn't burned a bit by the process. Fulfilling a crowd-funding campaign is a lot of work, and I made some big mistakes along the way. 

Then I found Patreon.

Patreon makes more sense for creatives like me who regularly produce work. It also makes more sense for you, the patron, as you'll have a lot more control over how much you give. Instead of making a big donation to an upcoming project, you can make smaller contributions on a monthly basis. You can also set up a budget so that you never pay more than you're comfortable paying.

Your contributions would not only support Boxplot and Sufficiently Remarkable, but they would also go towards drawing those extra ideas I've had swimming around in my head. They'll also help me stop worrying about paying bills, and instead worry about how I'm going to cram all these comic ideas onto pages.

In return, you'll have not only my eternal gratitude, but a look behind the curtain at what I'm working on and maybe some extra goodies down the line.

$161.40 of $250 per month
I'll join the present day and throw out my old copy of Photoshop for a Creative Cloud account. And along with it comes a new portfolio page! Woo!
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