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Digital Comic "PRISM"
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In the winter of 2016 we published our first comic "PRISM" with the newly formed Graphic Novel Project at High Tech High Chula Vista - for a donation of $2 we will throw in a digital copy of "PRISM" in high definition!
Golden Ratio Workshop
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Ever wondered why a page of comic art didn't feel as balanced as it could have? Well then this is the workshop for you! In less than two hours you will learn about how to compose your comic page using the rule of thirds. is delighted to offer this workshop for free* to the world as a part of the Gutter Talk ComicFuel Podcast series. Thanks to Bizhan Khodabendeh for helping us offer this amazing online workshop.

*Please consider making a small donation to help ensure can continue to offer free resources like this one.

Workshop Download Includes:

  • 11 x 17 Comic Page Templates (Multiple File Formats)
  • 8.5 x 11 Comic Page Templates (Multiple File Formats)
  • Bizhan's original article: "Panel Layout: The Golden Ratio"
  • Podcast Walkthrough of the Workshop (Enhanced w/ Chapters)
  • High Definition Photos For Each Step
  • Workshop Script
  • GIMP Comic Book Coloring Tutorial
  • Patrick Yurick's Comic Lettering Adobe Illustrator Template




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What is

  • Best comics education resources online, for free.
  • Gutter Talk podcast - Interviewing creators twice a month
  • Underdog Community for creators
  • Daily Comic Challenges - 20 Minutes or less - Daily & Free
  • Free Online, and continuously running, course "How To Make A Comic Book"
  • Community Outreach & Art Education Development 
    • Partners include: Worlds Alive!, High Tech High Graduate School of Education, CRASH After-School, & more

Why is it important?

  • Comics are a versatile, universal, medium
  • Celebrated around the world, growing diverse readership in US
  • Democratizing entry into comics creation
  • Fostering a community of learning and teaching 

What’s the money for?

  • will always be free, but is currently a labor of love
  • Site maintenance, hosting all out-of-pocket
  • Passionate staff, but only so many hours they can volunteer
  • Patreon allows supporters to help grow!
$34.64 of $100 per month
At $100 a month we can continue to fund the basic operations of as well as continue to publish the Daily Challenge newsletter. The Daily Comic Challenge newsletter sends 700+ emails a day with 20 minute comic challenges. Add that to our growing newsletter list and the Mailchimp costs are just going up and up. At $100 a month we can make sure all costs are covered so that the challenge can go out every day, to whomever wants it, for free.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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