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Unlike Other Pictures, this Patreon I'll be releasing pictures directly through Patreon - so no emailing this time

Due to popular demand and a bit of a split in the community for Druids, I've decided to make a new Patreon that focuses exclusively on M/M furry art of the sexual variety. I am leaving this a bit ambiguous as I plan to use this Patreon for all M/M art regardless of setting. Right now we'll be focusing on the Druids Cast, but in the future it will branch out into other comics or ideas.

There are no guarantees for releases here. I may do one a month, I may do one every three months. So I am going to charge per creation and promise nothing. Mainly because it's summer and I am busy with the kids, etc. Also, I am going to put a limit on this, as in, I won't be produce M/M art unless I get a specific amount of cash (if the demand is worth it).

For the other Patreons:
Side Comics By Amocin: This is where I will be catering to side comics based on Druids (or any future setting) that will focus mainly on NSFW elements (i.e. porn)

Druids: This is my primary Patreon that right now focuses on Druids related rewards. There is also a subscription model in there that will give full access to any of the other Patreons (it's manually handled by email for the moment). The rewards here will be included in that subscription and will receive the picture early.

Can I get access to these pictures via Paypal?
Only under special circumstances. Email me if this is something you prefer.

Why will this Patreon distribute via Patreon and not email?
Mainly because I am getting lazier the more Patreons I have to manage. I'm considering doing it for the comic page as well.

How do I get Previous Content?
Bundles and Previous Monthly pictures are available, but I only really accept payments for those via PayPal. You can read more about that on the Druids Rewards Page.

Other Questions?
Feel free to ask me via Patreon or email me at  [email protected]. I'm happy to answer any questions.
$298 of $500 per Picture Released
I'll release more frequently (probably try for a monthly schedule)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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