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 In addition to aforementioned perks, each month, you also get your very own story. (I guarantee 1,000 words per month. Probably more, but it depends how busy I get. You may also instead ask me to continue any series you wish to see more of.) We communicate back and forth via e-mail. You tell me what you want, where you want it, and how hard!




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About Malicia Paine

Hello, BDSM erotica fans!

I'm Malicia Paine, and I’ve been writing and publishing romance novels & shorter erotica since 2015. Each month, I write more, and post my stories here for all my wonderful patrons. ALL PATRONS, regardless of tier, get access to ALL STORIES posted on the site.

My stories tend to emphasize:

BDSM, with lots of emphasis on Bondage: Basically everything I write contains at least this. My six-book series Lost & Bound, for example, where due to a comedy of errors, she’s in handcuffs for basically the entire run of the series.

, Menages, and Gangbangs, such as my Billionaire’s Hotwife series (4 stories and counting!), and my Coach Meanie-Pants series (8 stories and counting!).

: Your classic (at this point) Fifty-Shades-esque M/f bondage and spanking romance. My Maid for Bondage series is a good example, as is my first full-length romance Always Bet on Black.

: Another favorite fetish of mine. Petite babes turning the tables on big, tough guys. Check out my Busting Brad’s Balls series. (7 stories and counting!)

Other things
: All patrons get to vote on what I write next. Higher tiered patrons can get custom stories of their own!
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