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About Team Malika

My name is Malika! Welcome to my cosplay page!
~ well, my real name isn't Malika but you don't need to know my real name :3 ~
This is where you can support me as I launch my cosplay career! I'll have lots of fun pictures, stories, and special things for all of you! I love every one of my patrons! <3

(she doesn't)

Malika might put up a good facade, but underneath the hearts and smiles lies the stone cold heart of a narcissist. In The Animated Adventures of Malika, follow the story of a girl trying to find her place in the world and, ideally, become its immortal god-queen.

~ Who is behind this? ~
Malika was first introduced as the static mascot of ANIMAINE, an animated film festival in South Portland, Maine. She was originally depicted as a ninja, then in 2012 she was enjoying a picnic. In 2013 she was a snake goddess. Whatever fit with the theme, you know?

In 2018, ANIMAINE partnered with Glyphcore Animation to develop a backstory and characterization for Malika. This evolved into The Animated Adventures of Malika.

~ What you can look forward to ~
Our goal is to tell stories based on our experiences in the cosplay and fan community but also the day-to-day struggles of discovering that life is not nearly as exciting as you hope it will be when you are six.

2 of 100 patrons
A bold start! When we have 100 patrons, we'll start making some bonus extras videos of the production staff being goofs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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