David Malki !

David Malki !

creating Wondermark comic strips
Cordial Greeting
$2 per month

I’ve made you smile once or twice. A light moment in a tough world. If we ever meet, we will greet each other cordially. 

At this tier, you get access to my text & video posts, including special preview access to merchandise with exclusive Patreon discounts—and, you’re marked as a patron on Discord!

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Audible Hello
$3 per month

We like to hear the sound of each other’s voice. At this tier, you get access to “Malki on the Mark”, our behind-the-scenes podcast (a Patreon exclusive), which you can download to your favorite podcast app!

Plus, you get everything the $2 tier gets!

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Fist Bump!
$5 per month

It's important to you to support the things you like! If we ever meet, we will fist bump, and maybe do the explodey thing afterward?? 

At this tier, you get everything the lower tiers get, PLUS:

• You get access to READER PARTICIPATION posts, in which you can contribute CHALLENGE LINES that I’ll try and figure out how to work into future comics!

Includes Discord benefits
$10 per month

GOOD PALS. You like me, but arguably, I like you more! If we ever meet, we won’t even need to coordinate anything, we'll straight up high-five like old chums. 

At this tier, you get everything the lower tiers get, PLUS:

• You can choose to be marked as a SUPERPATRON on Discord

• AND, if you like, you can request the high-resolution file for ANY WONDERMARK COMIC for printing out at home! (Up to 2 per month)

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Respectful Hug
$20 per month

PATRON OF THE ARTS. When you go to sleep at night, you'll rest easy, knowing that you are making the world a little easier for at least one family. If we ever meet, I’ll (with your permission and with respect for your personal space) give you a nice hug. 

At this tier, you get everything the lower tiers get (including SUPERPATRON status on Discord), PLUS:

• Upon request, per $100 pledged, I’ll create an original drawing or greeting card for you, and send it to you in the mail.

Includes Discord benefits