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About mallow

Hello! I'm Mallow! 
 I'm an Illustrator and sometimes-animator based in Cleveland, Ohio. I love to draw comics, paint, and doodle cute monsters. 
I've got a couple of big projects in the works! My webcomic, Rikki + Bean; filming vlogs, painting timelapses, and tutorials for my youtube channel, and other collaborative comic projects with local artists. 

How do you help me?
By contributing to my patreon, you guys invaluably help me continue to make more content for you! It helps me keep Rikki+Bean free for everyone, and gives me both resources and incentive to be able to make more cool stuff for all of you rad folk! 

$0 of $100 per month
Rikki+Bean webcomic!!

I'm working on my thesis comic, and I'm guaranteeing a minimum of one update a month. With this goal, I can increase that output and maximize the rewards for you dear Patrons!! In order to keep it free and things like my shop and youtube channel up and teeming with new stuff for you, I need the time and resources to do this. My first goal is to be making enough to give me the resources I need to create more cool stuff for everyone on a regular basis! :) 
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