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I think you are doing good things but I can't give much at this time. However, I know that every little bit helps so I wanted to do what I could do to help support your work. 


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The work you are doing gives me hope and they say that if a person has hope anything is possible. I hope this monthly gift helps a lot. 


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The Mama Bears organization has been a blessing to me. I'm happy to have the opportunity to give back so that others can be blessed too. 

About Liz Dyer

Hi there.

I'm Liz Dyer, founder of the Mama Bears.

In 2014 I had a dream that I could create a private online community that focused on supporting, educating and empowering mothers of LGBTQ kids and that the moms who joined the group would end up helping to make the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for all LGBTQ people to live. My dream is coming true.

I started Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears in 2014 with less than 200 moms of LGBTQ kids and as of August 2019 there are more than 7,000 moms in that one group.

The moms in the group gather daily in the private online space to ask questions, share concerns, brag on their kids, find resources and offer support and encouragement to one another.

Over the years a lot has happened and the one private Facebook group has turned into a whole network of groups, special projects, resources and sites that not only support, educate and empower mothers of LGBTQ kids, but also provides support for the LGBTQ community. 

Today everything happens under the name of "Mama Bears"

In addition to the original private Facebook group, Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears, there are 5 other private groups that are available.

The five subgroups are:

SERENDIPITYDODAH MTK is a subgroup where the conversation is trans specific. It is mostly made up of moms of trans kids. All the members of Serendipitydodah MTK are in the main Serendipitydodah Facebook group.

SERENDIPITYDODAH BLUE OCEAN FAITH is a subgroup for members of Serendipitydodah for Moms who want to connect with and become a part of the Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor community via it’s online presence. Blue Ocean Faith is a faith community that fully includes, affirms and supports LGBTQ+ people and those that support them.

SERENDIPITYDODAH MAMA BEARS TO THE RESCUE is a subgroup for Serendipitydodah Mama Bears who are willing and able to be available to do small acts of kindness for LGBTQ+ people in their local community who may need connection, care or assistance. This subgroup makes it easier for members to coordinate and organize to do things such as attend a wedding as an affirming stand in mom, visit someone in the hospital, help someone get settled in a new area, provide some transportation, include someone in their holiday gatherings, provide temporary housing, send a note of encouragement etc

SERENDIPITYDODAH #BEYOU is a subgroup for LGBTQ+ youth. The group is private - a place where LGBTQ+ youth can make connections with other LGBTQ+ youth, talk about their journeys, and be vulnerable with their stories and questions without fear of judgement.

SERENDIPITYDODAH DOUBLE RAINBOW is a subgroup for moms of LGBTQ+ people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The conversation in this subgroup is specific to LGBTQ+ people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. All members are in the main group.

The Mama Bears organization also operates several Special Projects. Those special projects include:

MAMA BEARS TO THE RESCUE is a special project for of moms of LGBTQ kids who love, support and affirm their own LGBTQ kids and want to share love and support with other LGBTQ people who don't have that kind of support from their own family.The Mama Bears do things like attend same sex weddings as an affirming stand-in mom, visit an LGBTQ person in the hospital, include LGBTQ people in their holiday gatherings, send notes of encouragement, talk on the phone, text, get together for coffee or lunch etc. The focus is on performing small acts of kindness, making connections and being a loving presence in the life of LGBTQ people who have lost support from friends and family members due to their LGBTQ status. All volunteers are members of the private Facebook group Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears.

MADE WITH LOVE PROJECT invites members of Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears to make heart patterned friendship bracelets for members of the LGBTQ community to remind them they are loved just the way they are. 

MAMA BEAR BLANKET PROJECT delivers no sew handmade blankets to LGBTQ teens and young adults who find themselves not supported by their family. The hope is that the blankets delivered to them will serve as a reminder that there is someone who loves and cares about them. Moms of LGBTQ kids who are members of the Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears are the makers for this project.

MAMA BEAR STORY PROJECT provides the opportunity for the members of “Serendipitydodah - Home of the Mama Bears” to share autobiographical essays and personal portraits in an effort to connect with other moms like themselves and to make the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for all LGBTQ people to live. Each essay includes a portrait of the mom and is shared on The Mama Bear Story Project Facebook page and on the Serendipitydodah Public Blog.

There is also a blog that includes an extensive list of resources for both parents and LGBTQ people. AND I am in the process of creating a new website so that everything can be presented and accessed from one online location.

That is a lot of content and a lot of work and it is all free.

I like being able to offer all of this for free. Keeping everything free means the people who need it most have access to it. However, in order for me to continue to do this work and keep it free, I need some people who are willing to support the work. In other words, I need Patrons.

So I created this Patreon page.

Here is how it works:

You select the level at which you want to support my work, ranging from $2 a month to $20 a month. Then Patreon will automatically charge your account each month, so you don’t have to remember. It all happens automatically.

You may be wondering why you would want to do that. Do you get something out of it? Free swag? Advance copies of my new book? Exclusive behind-the-scenes candid shots of me and the cast and crew?

Well ... No - there's nothing like that. 

It’s sorta like National Public Radio where some of us pay so everyone can enjoy it because we want to live in a world where NPR exists.

I will occasionally send out advanced updates and special announcements to those of you who support me here, but, if you become a monthly patron here, you simply get the satisfaction of supporting the work I am doing because you believe that work is helping to make the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for LGBTQ people to live, and that is important to you. 

* * *

Thank you for supporting my work, and for helping make it free.

Love & light,

Liz Dyer

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